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2010/7/3-20 [Recreation/Sports] UID:53872 Activity:nil
7/3     ARG 0 - 4 GER!  That's a huge spread.  What was wrong with Argentina?
        \_ You give a damn about soccer?  What's wrong with you?
           \_ Giving a damn about the World Cup != giving a damn about soccer.
              This has been an exciting, topsy-turvy tournament. Maradona must
              be tearing his (incredibly absurdly dyed) hair out.
        \- re: "what is wrong with ARG" ... against a good team you need
           talent and tactics. maradonna's "messi do whatever you want" nonplan
           worked against teams not as strong as GER but you could see
           was not going to work in that game. and they didndt change plans.
           [compare to ESP-GER ... ESP upped their game compared to the POR
           and PAR games]
           \_ I see.  -- OP
2010/7/3-8 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:53873 Activity:nil
        Sorry, but the simpler explanation is men are less attracted
        to obese women (who have bigger feet).
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