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2010/6/21-7/2 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Media] UID:53865 Activity:nil
6/21    "FIFA drops referee after dropped call" (
        "Belgian referee Frank De Bleeckere will prepare himself for the
        occasion by watching a DVD of the movie 'Gladiator' before taking
        center stage in a game that decides the USA.s destiny ..."
        I've never watched Gladiator.  What does a movie about Roman gladiators
        have to do with the upcoming match?  Or is that just a mean to get
        relaxed before judging in a high-profile match?
        \_ At a guess, perhaps he's expecting a brutal fight between USA
           and Algeria, which, come to think of it, is pretty odd. Both
           teams have been pretty well-behaved on the field. Perhaps he
           somehow thinks Ridley Scott is coaching the Americans? Even
           then, what would a gladiator movie directed by a Brit and
           starring an Aussie have to do with anything? Nope, I'm even
           more confused than I was when I started trying to explain.
           Last stab: he hopes that watching a movie with fast-paced
           violent interaction will get his reflexes up to speed for the
           match... in which case, he'd probably be better off practicing
           with Transformers 2; the action in that flick made no sense at
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