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2010/6/16-7/2 [Uncategorized] UID:53862 Activity:nil
6/16    "Ingenious Flipper Bridge Melds Left-Side Drivers With Right-Side"
        It takes an architecure firm to come up with this "brilliant, simple
        solution"???  Geez, a high school kid familiar with the HOMFLY
        polynolmial can come up with that.  In fact a high school kid can come
        up with a less elegant yet cheaper and simpler solution which also
        allows higher-flow overall, where the lanes of only one direction is
        elevated and curved with lower speed while the lanes of the other
        direction stays level and straight with higher speed.  (I have thought
        of this "design" (if such a trivial thing can be called as such) many
        times whenever I think of that border crossing, althought I admit I'm
        not a high school kid.)
        \_ get over yourself.
2010/6/16-7/20 [Finance/Investment] UID:53863 Activity:nil
6/15    Hey, is market timer still posting to the motd? Are you in or
        out right now?
          "Overall, in fact, there has been no statistically significant
           difference since 1990 between the average performance following
           death crosses and all other market sessions"
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