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2010/5/28-6/30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:53846 Activity:nil
5/28    Libertarians: yes yes yes charities do work! Screw government
        and taxes, rely on charities!
        \_hun?  What is your point here?? People haven't voluntarily
          donated a lot towards paying of our 13 trillion dollar fed. debt?
          This is directed at libertarians why?  (I can assure you that they
          are not surprised at this fact).  Do you think I should be
          donating to pay for your war/corporate welfare/etc.?  The
          gubmnt has stolen enough from my children without me volunteering
          more of their money.  Really, what the hell are you thinking?
          I don't get it.
        \_ Charity != voluntary overpayment of taxes
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2010:May:28 Friday