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2010/5/6-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53818 Activity:low
5/5     Does anyone know how to do custom install of Ubuntu 10.04? I can't
        even boot it up to give me the menu to custom install and it
        keeps installing a bunch of crap I don't need. It's getting
        just as slow and bloated as Winblows install. Dear lord,
        I miss the old Ubuntu.

5/5=1.0 Numerology FTW.    5+5=10
        Happy Cinco De Mayo
        \_ leanest install of Ubuntu is with 'ubuntu server' ( go find an iso).
           you can install graphical stuff later if you want.  in larger
           deployments, use 'preseed' or 'fai'.  dunno what the hell the hippies below
           this post are talking about.
        \_ If you're looking for an easy and minimal-friendly Linux, might I
           suggest Arch? It's easy to configure, and easy to either install
           binaries or custom-build packages. I highly recommend it.
        \_ What is up with the netbook remix?  Anyone using it for lt.wt.
        \_ I don't think Ubuntu does custom installs.  You could try
           the "Alternate Installer" though.  It's text based.  They
           used to have an alternate install for slower machines that
           would install XFCE instead of Gnome called Xubuntu.
        \_ this is probably what you want:

5/5=1.0 Numerology FTW.    5+5=10
        Happy Cinco De Mayo
        \_ 5 (base 10) = 10 (base 5)
           5 ^ 1.0 = 5
           log (base 5) 5 = 1.0
2010/5/6-7 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW] UID:53819 Activity:nil 51%like:53821
5/6     Syzygryd Salon at GAFFTA on Friday, May 14th:
        It's a great opportunity to learn more about the project, and a chance
        to play with some of the hardware and software we'll be demoing.
2010/5/6-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:53820 Activity:nil
5/6     A bit tardy, but please welcome our new politburo! Nathan Fair is very
        diplomatic, and sharp to boot. He'll be an excellent interface for the
        CSUA to the outside world. Mikey is reprising his role as VP. Samantha
        Dove is our new Treasurer, and we hope that her penny-pinching will
        serve us well. Angie is moving from Treasurer to Secretary, where she
        plans to walk all over the hosers who mess up the office, rather than
        the other way around ;). Finally, there is Jessica Pan for Events, who
        has been doing her part running events behind-the-scenes already, and
        will be responsible for keeping up the good work!
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