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2010/4/26-5/8 [Uncategorized] UID:53802 Activity:low
4/26    I'm working on a neat interactive music and fire sculpture:
        \_ why are you pinging localhost:
        pts/0    cn-sfo1-natout.c Tue10   6.14s  5.51s ping localhost
           \_ It's a quick hack to keep my session open because ssh keep-alives
              play poorly with some NAT setups. -dans
        \_ Haitian relief efforts are noble, but please don't change my links.
           Here's your link:
2010/4/26-5/10 [Science/Electric] UID:53803 Activity:nil
4/26    Many thanks to the current generation of CSUA membership for throwing
        the alumni barbeque this weekend.  The current generation seems like
        a smart enterprising bunch.  Good to know that the CSUA is in good
        hands. -dans
        \_ ...unlike when dans was involved.
           \_ You're right it was so much better when it was run by curmudgeons
              and anonymous trolls. -dans
              \_ like paolo?  -tom
                 \_ Your familiar, albeit mostly recycled, trolling is vaguely
                    comforting.  Good to know that some things about the CSUA
                    will never change. -dans
        \_ wow awesome gratuitous insult there.  dans i didnt see you there,
           did you not stay very long?
           \_ I was there a little before the barbeque, but had to leave
              around 2:30 to go to a flame effects meeting for the art project
              I posted about above. -dans
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2010:April:26 Monday <Sunday, Tuesday>