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2010/4/21-5/10 [Uncategorized] UID:53794 Activity:nil
4/21    RMS is giving a talk at the Farm next Friday, April 30th:
        \_ Gnu's Not Useful
        \_ Will he eat something from his foot?
        \_ Old XCF Saying:
           Yaroslav:RMS is giving a talk in soda hall.
           Gene: Do you have a gun?
2010/4/21-5/10 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA] UID:53795 Activity:nil
4/21    The previous Executive Assistant in my small start-up company had an
        MBA.  The current one has a Master's in Mass Communication.  Is the
        job market really that grim such that these over-qualifying people had
        to work office jobs?
        \_ How old were they? Were these entry-level jobs?
           \_ They are about 25-30.  I don't think you need a Master's degree
              to book air tickets and hotel rooms for the CEO.
              \_ MBA and master's degree doesn't automatically make you
                 overqualified.  Plus, it may not have been a question of
                 "had to".  A lot of my b-school classmates went on to do
                 seemingly irrational things for whatever peculiar reasons
                 they had.  -John
              \_ True, but having access to the CEO can be good for your
                 career. A know a lot of people with MBAs who didn't get
                 great jobs for a few years out of school, especially
                 if they were inexperienced and the MBA wasn't from Harvard.
2010/4/21-5/10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/Networking] UID:53796 Activity:nil
4/21    "Your fastest Internet in the world is found in Berkeley, CA" (
        \_ lies, damned lies, statistics, and pandering to the crowd.
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