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2010/4/20-5/10 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:53792 Activity:nil
4/20    "Spring comes 10 days earlier in changed U.S. climate"
2010/4/20-5/10 [Finance/Investment] UID:53793 Activity:nil
4/19    I'm thinking of getting Roth IRA. Which company is good/pleasant to
        use? Etrade? Fidelity? Scottrade?
        \_ Buy Silver.  Gold is already overvalued.  We're going to hit
           hyperinflation the likes of which even God has never seen before.
        \_ Local credit union.
        \_ I recommend charlesSchwab
        \_ Good in what way? What are your expectations? Do you expect to
           trade a lot in this account? Are you investing in stocks, bonds, or
           mutual funds? Do you need investment advice? Are you an
           experienced investor/trader? Is this a rollover? Will you add to
           this? Do you need local branches? Do you want to combine this
           account with other existing accounts?
        \_ If you are a DIY sort, E*Trade is good. If you want/need some
           investment advice, I can point you at my broker, though the
           Smith-Barney website is sadly lacking. -ausman
           \_ how much commission does he take?
        \_ Vanguard. If you choose their own funds (highly recommended), you
           don't pay trading fees and their expense ratios are among the
           lowest in the industry.
        \_ Etrade has ATMs in pennsylvania.
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