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2010/4/16-5/10 [Recreation/Food] UID:53788 Activity:nil
4/16    Alum BBQ is on April 25! Have you mastered the BBQ yet?
        \_ there's still Alums here?   I thought most had been driven off!
           \_ Ouch! If that's the case then we're trying to rebuild relations?
              Rebuilding Alum BBQ?
              \_ If that's the case, some sort of "hey, we're still here"
                 outreach would be nice - I know I'd react very positively
                 to that, not sure about others.  -John
       \_ Clearly, we're trying to institute detente among the alumns.  BBQ
          detente, as it were.
       \_ What time does it start?
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2010:April:16 Friday <Thursday>