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2010/4/8-5/10 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53778 Activity:nil
4/8     I want to by my mom a point and shoot camera for about $150 because
        she's running around with this 1 megapixel camera from back in the
        day. I looked at Canon and Nikon, but I am not as into this stuff as
        some people on MOTD are. I take photos with my Blackberry. What's
        a good choice in that price range? Definitely not more than $200.
        \_ Canon has the best point and shoot cameras.  The A1100 or A495
           are totally reasonable, or you can go for an older version of one
           of the higher-end models like the SD series.  -tom

                    7~Z       @?=ND:7,
                  :$               DD,D:
                :?                    O,N
               D8                      D88
              7~                        ND@
             7D                          NDZ
             :8                          Z8@@
            N@        Welcome Sodan.     $D@@
            NN         There are 76      N+=?
            NN         There are 73      N+=?
            NN         There are 71      N+=?
            NN         There are 65      N+=?
            NN         There are 63      N+=?
            DD        days remaining.    7+$@
            N?D                          ?,@@
             IN                          I@@
             N+,                        :N@N
              D+~                      ==@:
               O=7                    ::@:
                8N==                +$@@N
                  O Z8:          :7~@@I
                    D O+:~=:O8ZZN@@@=
2010/4/8-5/10 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Disaster] UID:53779 Activity:nil
4/8     Animals Living Without Oxygen Discovered for First Time - Yahoo!:
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