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2010/3/24-4/14 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:53759 Activity:nil
3/24    Global warming solves political dispute:
        Can't argue which country owns the island when it no longer exists.
        \_ Global warming is also responsible for human civilization.  It's the
           gift that keeps on giving.  Don't worry though, I'm sure some
           geo engineering will solve the pesky problem of western civ.
2010/3/24-4/14 [Computer/HW] UID:53760 Activity:nil
3/24    Soda is not allowed to connect to agae for Usenet. Which server
        should we use?
        \_ The campus no longer runs a Usenet server.  For class newsgroups,
           use news.csua (aka <DEAD><DEAD>); for others, there's a good
           list of public servers at  --mconst
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2010:March:24 Wednesday <Tuesday, Thursday>