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2010/3/7-30 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:53743 Activity:nil
3/7     My sister is graduating soon with a decree in information management.
        She was orignally CS, but couldn't cut the math, so her GPA sucks.
        However, she has had a couple of internships and did fine.  She did
        desktop support at RockYou and is currently doing web programming
        at UC Santa Cruz, but they can't keep her on after graduation.
        Anyone got any jobs?  She wanted to be a network admin, but right now
        she'll take anything. Probably work cheap too.  -jrleek
        \_ Where does she want to work (geographic location)?
           \_ She was hoping to get out of the states, but she's not picky.
              She currently lives in Santa Cruz.
              \_ out of states to... Canada? Mexico? Can you be more specific?
                 \_ Preferably somewhere English or Japanese speaking, those
                    are the languages she knows.  She's not picky here
                    either, although Afganistan is probably out.
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