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2010/2/11-3/9 [Science, Science/Space] UID:53702 Activity:nil
2/11    Is anyone watching Caprica.  Is it worth it? Do you like it?
        I recently started watching SG:U and it's not bad, oddly.
        \_ Not watching either; oddly trepidatious about Caprica, and
           SG:U lost me at SG:A. However: reviews of Caprica sound good,
           and at least one excellent hard SF writer (John Scalzi) is
           writing for SG:U, so... maybe worth checking out?
           consulting for SG:U, so... maybe worth checking out?
           \_ You should know that it was in the contract stipulation
              for working as a writer for SG:U that you could have never
              written for SG:A.  Atlantis was that bad. and they know it.
              SG:U is pretty good, if you like moral ambiguity, will to power
              and examinations of people striving for power.  Plus it has
              \_ So you directly contradict this?
                 > The complete writing staff from Stargate Atlantis is
                 > back to kick off the new series,
                 \_ Yeah, I work in the industry.
2010/2/11-18 [Uncategorized] UID:53703 Activity:nil
2/11    I spend a lot of time watching TV at home. I keep seeing these
        commercials: UEI college. Let Your New Life Begin, Call
        1-800-GET-SLIM Lap Band. Check Into Cash. ITT Technical.
        Sometimes Larry H Parker. I'm in Southern Cal. What
        commercials do you guys see in the Bay Area?
        \_ ObGetALife
2010/2/11-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:53704 Activity:kinda low
2/11    Iran declares itself a nuclear nation today:
        \_ Hurry up Kim Jun *THE THIRD*, you're way behind!
        \_ Iran also packed tens of thousands of rural poor onto buses,
           drove them into Tehran, and had them pose for pro-gov't. rallies
           by promising food, drink, and prizes, then declared themselves
           a popular, democratic country. And I declare myself king of the
           moon. Doesn't make it so.
        \_ Nuke it.
2010/2/11-3/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53705 Activity:nil
        What you should look for in a marriage partner. Get this, you want
        someone who is BOTH conscientious (makes sense) AND neurotic (!!!).
        \_ Married men don't live longer, it just seems longer.
           \_ Married men do live longer, but they are a lot more willing to
        \_ you could just live at home with your folks:
2010/2/11-18 [Uncategorized] UID:53706 Activity:nil 60%like:53701
2/10    Our president hung out with moot at TED. When an office hoser
        said 'pics or it didn't happen' she replied 'pictures
        aren't allowed at TED.'
        \_ Maybe those pics aren't for you to see.
        \_ What's "TED"?
        \_ *yawn*
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