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2010/2/8-3/9 [Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:53694 Activity:nil
2/7     Is Mello-Roos common in new homes in the Bay Area?
        \_ In SF, yes.
           \_ Why? All the pipes are laid out in SF. School districts
              are well established. It's not like it's in the middle
              of nowhere like Riverside. I would expect Mello-Roos
              to be more common in say, Gilroy or southern parts of
              of San Jose. It is certainly common in San Ramon.
              \_ While there are no true CFD's in SF, the voters have approved
                 a few extra bonds that appear on your property tax bill. For
                 example, I see "SFUSD Facilities District" and "SF - Teacher
                 Support" on my property tax bill. They add up to .03% of
                 my assessed value.
           \_ This is not true, SF homes in general are not subject to
              any kind of Mello-Roos assessments. I think it is possible
              to join one to help pay for your own Solar energy installation,
              but you are not required to do this. -sf homeowner
2010/2/8-18 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:53695 Activity:kinda low
2/5     I like Adobe Flash. When written correctly, it scales along
        with your browser size. It looks consistent on every single
        browser. It is predictable. On the other hand, I'm not a big
        fan of CSS/HTML, which for the most part, look wildly different
        between browsers, and don't even work consistently or
        correctly at times. So why do so many people (like Steve Jobs)
        hate Adobe Flash?
        \_ It looks consistent!?  I guess.  They all look like an empty box
           with a little (f) circle in my browser.  There is no proper Flash
           support in FreeBSD.  I run a Windows version of Firefox under WINE
           sometimes, as needed, but I'd rather not.
           \_ LOL consistently bad is better than inconsistently good :)
              \_ And now we know what values have been affecting the art
                 community for the last few decades.
        \_ The player really only works on Windows (CPU usage on Macs is
           ridiculous), "predictable" display sucks from a user perspective
           (because users want to display things the way they prefer),
           and it's proprietary.  -tom
           \_ not to mention linux and solaris, whose builds are also slow,
              but until very recently lagged behind in versions and security
              updates, etc.  Also, flash folks appear to do the same thing
              many bad web developers do and assume everyone runs their browser
              fullscreen at 1600x1200+ resolutions
              \_ web devs are stupid. 95% love coding with constants. the
                 concept of % is foreign to them.
        \_ It's not part of his monopoly.
2010/2/8-3/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53696 Activity:low
        Ukrain women look REALLY GOOD
        \_ They either look good or die poor.
           \_ survival of the prettiest!
        \_ bad link:
           Is it me or their breasts look a bit small?
           \_ lol spot the born-and-bred-and-never-been-outside of california
              \_ damn right, California women are the best looking ones
                 with nice breasts. In particular, Southern Cal women
                 have the best breasts. Jackie Johnson #1, Pasadena rules!!!
                 \_ Lisa Guerrero > Jackie Johnson.
                    \_ Lisa Guerrero is 20 years older than Jackie. Trot
                       out a recent picture.
                       \_ 14 years to be exact.  Here's her Playboy cover 4
                          years ago at age 41:
                 \_ No thanks, I don't wish to date small breasted women who
                    try to look like teenage boys and have the temper viscious
                    \_ Don't forget that they don't have any concept of what
                       "sharing" means.
                    dogs,  Then again I don't find thai teen hookers attractive
           \ thats pretty much normaly.  Your perceptions are skewed by looking
               at too much porn.
             \_ my wife is way bigger, how about yours?
                \_ What's your wife's waist size though?
                \_ my wife is an "A" cup
             \_ my girlfriend says those girls "don't really have much boobs"
2010/2/8-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53697 Activity:nil
2/7     Redneck Palm Pilot (Not Sarah Palin Safe):
        \_ Emphasis on "Palm".
        \_ I feel sorry for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. It must suck to
           realize that they can never be as funny as Sarah Palin, no matter
           how hard they try. I mean did you SEE what she wrote on her palm?
           "energy, budget cuts, tax, lift American Spirits" .. Is this a joke?
           She's critizing Obama for not being able to memorize 5000 word
           speeches and she can't remember 4 concepts? Her "principles" --
           See Stewart/Colbert, as funny as they are, just don't reach that
           supreme nirvana level of comedy.
           \_ RIP Kurdt.
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