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2010/2/3-8 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53686 Activity:nil
        DoubleClick and Google, a sad marriage.
2010/2/3-3/4 [Computer/SW] UID:53687 Activity:nil
2/3     Are you an AT&T subscriber? Did your contract include
        ETF (early-termination fee)? You may get benefits even
        if you did not pay any ETF. File your claim.
        Spread the word. Early Termination Fee locks you in
        the carrier and totally blows. Get your revenge.
        \_ settlement cost is fixed already. you're not hurting them any
           more by filing a claim.  It's all about the up-to-$6m out of $16m
           the lawyers are going to get.
2010/2/3-18 [Health/Dental] UID:53688 Activity:nil
2/2     How much does it cost to do a resin-based composite two surf.
        tooth filling? I'm quoted for $142. My insurance pays
        about 40% so I need to shell out the rest. I'm wondering
        if $142/tooth is the standard price?    -poor student
        \_ A friend of mine just sent me the link. Basically
           my quote is a bit high but not overly outrageous:
           \_ oh, get this. My dentist says he doesn't do amalgam
              (mercury), only white-composite. Metlife says they'll
              pay 80% for filling but only for amalgam fill. If I
              do composite, it's considered cosmetic and therefore
              whatever cost extra it is, I'll have to pay extra.
              Since my dentist doesn't do amalgam, I can either
              wait another 6 months to go to another dentist that
              can do the evaluation again + amalgam, or just
              pay up the difference. Argh. I hate insurance.
              \_ You want to ingest mercury?  I don't.
                 \_ there hasn't been a conclusive study on
                    trace mercury filling and growth/development.
                    \_ Biology is not like computer science m8, you can't
                       rely on "if not 0 then it must be a 1".
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