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2010/2/1-3/4 [Industry/Jobs] UID:53680 Activity:kinda low
2/1     Is there a world writeable jobs directory (e.g. /csua/pub/jobs)?
        A friend of mine is looking for a Senior HW engineer.
        \_ Everyone is looking for a Senior * engr. At that point why even
           say Senior?
           \_ Senior often means you don't want someone straight out of school.
              Of course, in SW that's not really true, and many? Cal
              grads start out as Sr. SW Engineers. At least in this case, he's
              looking for an actual senior person... probably an MS or PhD/PhD
              dropout w/ a few years experience or a BS and at least 5.
              \_ New college grads at my company all start out as Associate
                 SE, if they are good within a year or two they move to SE.
                 It takes a minimum of 3 and usually more like 5 to make
                 Sr. SE. I bet it is the same at any real tech company.
                 \_ By the time college grads graduate they've already got
                    2-3 summers of internship, we hire almost exclusively thru
                    our internship program.  Basically when we see a graduate
                    we expect them to know everything already, if they don't
                    it's clearly a waste of time to hire them, I could just do
                    the job myself.
                    \_ How many full-time jobs do you think you can do
                       yourself? Even someone who works at 50% of your
                       efficiency for 75% of your salary is a net win
                       because it frees you up to do stuff others can't do.
                       \_ But then I'd have to train them and I do not have
                          any time to train them.  They must know already.
                          The ideal candidate is a psychic engineer who has
                          already implemented my product in a serious open
                          src project.  And if you can't find someone like tihs
                          fire your recruiters.  There are 8 million coder
                          monkeys out there working on projects. One of them
                          is bound to have implemented the soln to the same
                          problem you're trying to solve.  If you can't find
                          that person, the new hire isn't worth anything.
                    \_ What difference is it if they got trained as interns or
                       as new hires? They still have to be trained.
                       \_ That's my point, real engineers, NEVER have to be
                          "trained" they just KNOW. It's like at cal where the
                          bright kids never show up to lecture but ace all
                          the tests.  Go Bears!  Dogs are Trained.  Interns
                          are trained.  Bears and Engineers don't need to be.
                    \_ All these comments apply solely to SW.

                            7~Z       @?=ND:7,
                          :$               DD,D:
                        :?                    O,N
                       D8                      D88
                      7~                        ND@
                     7D                          NDZ
                     :8                          Z8@@
                    N@        Welcome Sodan.     $D@@
                    NN        There are 1036     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1034     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1031     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1030     N+=?
                    DD        days remaining.    7+$@
                    N?D                          ?,@@
                     IN                          I@@
                     N+,                        :N@N
                      D+~                      ==@:
                       O=7                    ::@:
                        8N==                +$@@N
                          O Z8:          :7~@@I
                            D O+:~=:O8ZZN@@@=
2010/2/1-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53681 Activity:low
        Why the hell would you pay for a sex doll that TALKS? People
        pay hookers so that they don't have to listen to bullshit.
        If anything, a talking sex doll should be negative $7000.
        \_ Why the hell would you pay for a sex doll?
           \_ fucking nerds can't get any real pussy
        \_ If the talk is very realistic and passionate, I'd take it as a
           positive.  But I doubt that this product, being the first one in
           this new market segment, will be anything close.
        \_ You don't pay a hooker to have sex with you, you pay her to go
           away when you are done.
           \_ Then you beat her up take the money and steal another car.
2010/2/1-3/4 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53682 Activity:low
        At Google, a bright young man can feel... pathetically average.
        \_ dumbshit is blogging in a google property, he's not long for this world
        \_ At Caltech, I felt pretty average. This was a big shock for a small
           town boy who had always been the brightest in the class. -ausman
           \_ small town boy + bright = oxymoron. You're never bright if
              all you interacted were hicks like you.
              \_ What this really shows is that you're prejudiced.  were you
                 beaten and sodomized by rural folk while on a country
              \_ I know this might surprise you, but there are libraries
                 even in small towns. And the public school teachers are
                 in general even better.
                 \_ of course it surprises him, he doesn't even know how to
                    use a preposition.
              \_ History contradicts you.  Newton was a small town boy.
           \_ if you were truely average you would have graduated from
              Caltech like the rest of the average Caltech graduates.
              Sorry you were begging to be made fun of :)
              \_ True enough, though the graduation rate during my era
                 was something like 65%. I was definitely below average
                 in my work ethic.
                 \_ Simply put, you're bottom 35%, hence well below average.
                    Yes, blame it on your work ethic. I could have gone to
                    MIT too had it not been for my work ethic in high school,
                    and that hot chick in my class really distracted me.
                    It's all her fault.
                    \_ you're an idiot.
                    \_ You should have gone to Caltech instead, there would
                       have been no hot chick to distract you.
                       \_ naw, I'd either turn gay or be too depressed -pp
           \_ you get that at cal too
              \_ No, not for me, but I had already gotten the Caltech shock,
                 so it wasn't anything new. There are plenty of smart people at
                 Cal, but the top 25% at UCB is about as smart as the whole
                 class at Caltech.
                 \_ Does Caltech have no Affirmitive Action?
                    \_ it's a private school
                 \_ cal didn't bother me, but Naval Post Graduate school gave
                    me that shock.  Those guys are really on the ball and
                    hella disciplined.
                    \_ What, we have a military officer who uses the motd?
2010/2/1-18 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:53683 Activity:nil
2/1     "Doc Who Tied Vaccine to Autism Ruled Unethical"
        \_ Well of course it's unethical, it's not a treatment, no
           income stream.
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