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2010/1/25-30 [Uncategorized] UID:53662 Activity:nil
1/23    How the hell did Toilet^H^H^H Deloitte and KPMG get up to #70
        on the list? Something is seriously wrong.
        \_ Every time I see "Deloitte", I think of "Dettol".
           \_ I think of toothpaste, and I have no idea why I do.
2010/1/25-30 [Recreation/Food, Finance/Shopping] UID:53663 Activity:high
1/25    I went to Ranch 99 for the first time recently. Lots of interesting
        items, but the place got a "yuck" for its cleanliness factor and
        so I left without buying anything. I went to a Japanese market and
        it was antiseptic in comparison and the fish/meats looked much
        fresher, too. Did I happen to choose a bad location or is this
        chain going to sell me food that makes me sick? I was not impressed.
        \_ I go McD fol first time. Lots of intelesting food, but the
           prace got a "yuuck" for rack of selections and so I left
           without buying anything. I go France Market and
           it was prettier in comparison and the food was so much
           flesher, too. Did I happen to choose a bad Amelican fast
           food or are all Amelican fast food sell shit that make
           me puke porridge? I was not implessed. I don't go out
           much, enrighten me prease.           -foreign man
                                                \_ "foleign"
           \_ I dunno what fucked up place you come from but most
              places have at least the R* or L* phoneme in place.
              if you're going to affect a fake accent at least try
              to get it right, we live in a post-house-laurie world now.
        \_ china vs japan.
           \_ 99 Ranch is a Taiwanese market, not Mainland Chinese.  (Whether
              Taiwan is/isn't part of China is a separate debate.)
              \_ "The House is on FIRE!"
                 "no no this isn't a house it's an apartment, and thus
                 your argument is refuted."
        \_ Are you trolling or genuinely this stupid? If you don't know
           if you're either one, god help.
           \_ I detect ignorance... lack of exposure to the world.
              The guy is obviously a dumb ass, give him a break
           \_ Enlighten me with your wisdom.
              \_ Contrary to what you've been told in UPN or whatever,
                 asian cultures are not the same, and furthermore, stores for
                 poorer people are generally filthier than stores for rich
                 people.  Ranch 99 caters to *students* who are traditionally
                 poor/cheap.  And Mainland chinese hygiene is pretty bad.
                 Just ask what the "red spittle juice" street paintings are.
                 \_ Plus Taiwanese culture and Mainland Chinese culture are
                 \_ Dude, I have no idea who Ranch 99 purports to cater to,
                    but I can tell you that most of the customers were not
                    students judging by their ages. So if Ranch 99 is for
                    'poor people' then what is the 'rich people' equivalent?
        \_ which Ranch 99?  In my experience, Albany was really clean,
           San Mateo/not so clean, Cupertino, SPARKLING
           \_ Yeah, poor people get dirty stores, rich people get nice clean
              stores. This is true everywhere.
              \_ Give me an example of a clean Chinatown.
                 \_ Cupertino.
                 \_ Palos Verdes Estates
                    \_ Not PVE. You mean RPV.
                 \_ Manchukuo
                 \_ Monterey Park, San Marino, Arcadia, South Pasadena
                    \_ I actually went to the Arcadia "Ranch 99". Since I
                       went there have been 3 muggings in the parking lot.
                       What a dump.
                 \_ Yokohama
2010/1/25-2/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:53664 Activity:nil
        Old story from 2000 but goodie. PKWare/Zip Phil Katz's death.
        \_ Now that technology is mainstream, the culture seems to lack the
           kind of bright but socially maladapted kids like Katz and Reiser
           (not to mention rms and various others) who we knew in the late
           80s/early 90s.  Where are those kids now?  -tom
           \_ They get shipped to 'boarding school' reeducation camps and
              have the programming meme beat out of them.
           \_ Doped up on Ritalin or Prozac.
           \_ adjusted fine and well to <Elitist Jerks> guild on WoW.  I'm
              not even making that name up.
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