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2010/1/12-25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:53626 Activity:nil
        Who got the housing bubble wrong.
        \_ This post is good enough to be a news article on Yahoo Finance.
2010/1/12-29 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:53627 Activity:kinda low
1/12    How do I get a job NOT related to internet DNS social network cloud
        twitter GOOG EC2 amazon API ???
        \_ A CS job not related to API?
        \_ Chip design, or maybe software that does chip design. What is
           your major? How about game developer?
        \_ DNS? DNS? What era ado you live in? I agree that social network
           is so BLAH and everywhere. What else do you want to do?
           If you wanted to do OS, go back to 1980s. Compilers, 1985.
           Architecture, 1990-2000. I mean, seriously, what do you want
           to do with your degree? And even if you join a company and
           get a "job", it's a fucking job. You're a tiny little cog
           in a souless machine. It makes no difference whether you do
           something with the cloud/GOOG/EC2 or working on something
           that actually interests you. A job is just a fucking "job"
           In the grand scheme of things, it makes little difference
           what you actually work on, yes?
           \_ wow you're even more bitter than i am.  Good "job"!
           \_ What about working at a startup?
              \_ As long as it is not about technology, it's cool.
                 Just do your own shit. Be an artist or a cook
                 or something you're passionate about. That's the
                 key to long term sustainable happiness.
        \_ social network -- yeah totally blows, mostly run by a bunch of
                stupid MBAs who think computer science is about making
                web sites
           twitter -- limited growth, but could still be interesting
           GOOG -- company is way too big. It's just yet another
                big corporation now, with pretty awesome [FREE] food
           Amazon EC2 -- exploding growth, got tons of opportunities
                to learn about scalability and load processing. What's
                wrong with a job working on EC2?
           Let me add a few other things:
           Advertising, SEO -- SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY
           Media -- SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY. One word. DON'T!!!
           \_ It depends on what you are looking for. If you like endless
              cube farms, filled with geeky engineers who never take baths,
              then stay far away. If you want to work with glamorous, exciting
              and smart people who know how to have fun and want to make a
              positive impact on the world, then a media company might be
              for you. It is true that you probably won't be doing work
              on the cutting edge of computer science, but plenty of great
              software, including the Apache web server was built at online
              media companies. -ausman
              \_ how about advertising?
                 \_ Don't know. -a
              \_ you obviously never worked at a media company.
                 you ever talked to people who work at Disney or ILM? It's
                 not as fun or creative as you think it is.
                 \_ I have worked at HotWired, PlanetOut and CNET, which is
                    now CBS Interactive. These are all online media companies.
                    I don't know too much about Old Media, though technically
                    I work for CBS now. -ausman
                    \_ I have a feeling that old media (pre 1990) and new
                       media (post dot-com) have very different cultures.
                 \_ Completely depends on your position with said companies.
                    Doing accounting or IT for them? Not so much. My gf has
                    worked in entertainment for > 10 years now in a
                    variety of production jobs and it's a lot of work for low
                    pay (unless you are really lucky and then it's a lot of
                    work for a lot of pay) but it's certainly fun and creative
                    in addition to stressful. The people are very smart
                    and very interesting, the work is fast-paced, and
                    there's a tangible result at the end  so you feel as if
                    you accomplished something for your effort when it's over.
                    I think it's one of the better industries to work in
                    as far as being stimulated.
2010/1/12-25 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:53628 Activity:nil
1/12    "Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 mln men single"
        We'd better enact a slew of anti-male-immigration laws now before the
        wave hits our coasts!  Here's our slogan: "SAVE OUR WOMEN ...... For
        \_Shit, I wouldn't want to get in a war with them.
2010/1/12-29 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53629 Activity:nil
1/12    "E-mail leak has Google threatening to leave China"
        Hail Google!
        \_ No you fuck tard. Let's see a more accurate timeline:
           2005 Google decides to deal with China. Public response: "Oh no
             they're doing evil! But it's ok, Google is such a good company
             they'll do a good job dealing with evil. Besides, if they don't
             do it, other companies will do it too, and we should just be
             thankful that Google is doing it. Hail Google!"
           2010 Google decides to quit doing evil deeds for China. Public
             response: "See, everything Google does is good. Hail Google!"
           \_ Are you "short GOOG at 100" guy?
              \_ When do you think I should cover my short?
           \_ Did you forget that people usually forget about the past?
              \_ e.g. Mel Gibson handing out awards in Hollywood this year
                 and just 3 years ago he was ranting about the Jews.
                 I think 3 years is when people forget things happening.
        \_ I bet .cn just sniffed GOOG's GFS while in Beijing
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