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2010/1/7-19 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:53613 Activity:nil
12/7    Mormons make better commercials. Waaaay better.:
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2010/1/7-19 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:53614 Activity:nil
        YEAH BABY: "26. Hormones in oral contraceptives might suppress
         a woman's interest in masculine men and make boyish males more
         attractive to her."
2010/1/7-19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:53615 Activity:nil
        UCLA is ranked above Berkeley. UCSD is ranked above
        Berkeley. Irvine is ranked one below Berkeley.
        Berkeley has seriously gone done in the past
        two decades. I'm not surprised.
        \_ These aren't "best schools" these are "best value" rankings.
           The UCs are all very close but it looks like there is more
           financial aid available for UCSD and UCLA students.
        \_ I have taken CS classes at both UCLA and UCB. UCB has a much higher
           caliber of students, both undergrad and grad. Does that mean
           you learn more? Not really. It means it's harder to get good
           grades, though, and so I think a UCB degree means more.
2010/1/7-19 [Health/Disease/General] UID:53616 Activity:nil
1/7     H1N1 flu shots available at Kaiser for all adults (both in and not in
        high-risk groups) starting 1/5.  Don't trust the web pages for
        individual Kaiser locations.  (I got mine at Fremont yesterday, and
        today the Fremont page is still dated 12/21/09 and still says it's not
        yet available.)  Call 1-800-KP-FLU-11 to confirm.  Hurry before it
        runs out!
        \_ I got mine at Walgreens yesterday. I don't think there is a
           shortage anymore.
           \_ I see.  But it's free at Kaiser. :-)  -- OP
              \_ Seriously, nothing is free.  Where do you think the money
                 is coming from?
                 \_ Okay, I'll rephrase.  "But it's 100% covered by your
                    insurance if you have Kaiser insruance and you get the shot
                    at any Kaiser location."  -- OP
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