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2009/12/26-2010/1/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:53604 Activity:nil
12/26   Hey you stupid web developers, stop making web sites with
        graphics artist... please learn something about computers
        and usability!
        \_ "Stupid web-developers" is redundant. "Stupid" or
           "Web-developer" suffice. UI work is reserved for
           fresh out of college kids or non-computer science
           people. It is not computer science.
        \_ Interesting you feel that way. I prefer it.
           \_ Interesting you feel that all web sites should
              have constant size. I use 4-5 different browsers
              at work (I'm a dev) all with very different
              monitor sizes and web sites are either too big
              or too small to view. Ever tried browsing on
              an iPhone and then on a 30" monitor? Pain in
              the ass.
              \_ I like the content to look the same no matter which browser
                 is used. I find things like variable width fonts and
                 autoscaling annoying, because they sometimes don't render
                 \_ Ah yes, HTML is stupid, everyone should have
                    embraced eternal constant pixel formats such
                    as PDF. You said it brother, you are brilliant,
                    just brilliant. 1024x768 ought to be enough
                    for everyone forever!!!
                    \_ HTML's not stupid, but there is a lot to be said for PDF.
2009/12/26-2010/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53605 Activity:kinda low
12/26   Mail is being retired, but will mail still be forwarded if we have
        a .forward? Also, _why_ is mail being retired?
        \_ one more yreason i only hire stanford grads from now on
           \_ Like you have any real hiring decision power.
        \_ don't recall seeing a discussion on this.  it would be nice if mail
           service remains.
        \_ How can we contact root or the Politburo if the mail service is
           \_ Twitter
        \_ s/read-only/forward-only/ - and it's being done because of the lack
           of will to maintain mail on our servers or something
        \_ This was decided by the previous Politburo iirc. Same VP, but
           different pretty much everyone else. Since it wasn't really
           announced, and Politburo has gone into hibernation for the winter,
           they'll figure out what they want to do with mail later. I take issue
           with the fact that the previous politburo brought this up and decided
           on this within a single Politburo session, avoiding an open
           they'll figure out what they want to do with mail later. I take
           issue with the fact that the previous politburo brought this up and
           decided on this within a single Politburo session, avoiding an open
           discussion on the matter (at least, looping in root, instead of just
           Politburo, if not looping in Ah, well.
           Anyway, if you think your opinion should be heard, you know where to
           e-mail. --toulouse
           \_ Good for you. Cloud mail is the future. Sysadm is not
              about doing what has been done, but what needs to be done.
              It is also about ignoring whining old farts so that you
              can jump on the wagon. Any plans to shut down
              machines completely? Do you guys plan to use a HTML page
              creator for the main site?
              \_ There is teaching value in running a mail server. Some of the
                 students may end up running one of those clouds some day.
                 I would not be opposed to running soda.csua as a virtual
                 machine, however. BTW, all user files are owned by 'nobody' at
                 the moment.
                 \_ please keep csua physical and mail running. csua shouldn't
                    become a lab of the bleeding edge.  that's for a project
                    funded with $$$.  woundn't mind it becomes a museum of
                    legacy stuff like motd, wall, and unix though
                    \_ the constraint is the nettaps, they are repeated costs
                       and the dept is seeing the csua more and more as
                \_ Virtually (heh) all our machines have been virtual for some
                   time now. Also, the owning issues was some combination of
                   LDAP and NFS fucking up. Back to the issue of
                   virtualization, we basically have precious little space in
                   the server room, and some failing machines. Yes, this means
                   that one beefy computer is shouldering pretty much all of the
                   burden of the CSUA, albeit in such a way that if we can ever
                   manage to procure another server (it was ~$4k iirc, nothing
                   to sneeze at) capable of running whatever VMWare's baremetal
                   thing is called now, we can migrate machines over (and if we
                   can get the fancy stuff, use VMotion). Not sure where I'm
                   going with this message so I'll stop here. --toulouse
                   \ So the following is a lie?
                        Welcome to Soda Mark VIII, a 4-way Xeon 2.5GHz
                     \_ Well, it does have 4 cores dedicated to it, each
                        at 2.5GHz >:)  --steven

                            7~Z       @?=ND:7,
                          :$               DD,D:
                        :?                    O,N
                       D8                      D88
                      7~                        ND@
                     7D                          NDZ
                     :8                          Z8@@
                    N@        Welcome Sodan.     $D@@
                    NN        There are 1065     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1062     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1061     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1060     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1057     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1050     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1046     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1045     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1044     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1037     N+=?
                    DD        days remaining.    7+$@
                    N?D                          ?,@@
                     IN                          I@@
                     N+,                        :N@N
                      D+~                      ==@:
                       O=7                    ::@:
                        8N==                +$@@N
                          O Z8:          :7~@@I
                            D O+:~=:O8ZZN@@@=
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