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2009/12/15-2010/1/19 [Industry/Jobs] UID:53594 Activity:nil
12/15   I remember that when I was in school two decades ago, there was
        one career center which handles co-ops and internships for all majors,
        and another one which handles those specifically for engineering and
        CS majors.  Is that still the case these days?  My company is looking
        to hiring software interns in the next few months, and I wonder if
        there is a better organization than the Career Center
        ( to work with.  Thanks.
        \_ You may be thinking of the Industrial Relations Office (IRO/IPRO).
           Using this is very expensive: $10k/year to join the Industrial
           Liason Program (ILP), plus other costs.
           \_ 10K isn't a lot if you're hiring over 10 cheap students.
              Scale is the key. If you're a big company, it makes a lot
              of sense. That's why most companies on the program are
              in fact big companies. Stupid failed startups like
              Interval Research didn't make any sense.
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