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        How many of these restaurants do you recognize?
        \_ None worth eating at again.
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12/9    NSFW but..
        so are they reversing the photoshopping of the original image?
        (indicating that there is data left there?)  Or are they just
        drawing over?
        \_ I don't know but I bet Jackie Johnson has a bigger
           boob. And she's in Los Angeles, the greatest city
           in the world.
           \_ yes but *why* does it work, and can this be used on other
              types of images.
              \_ Your camera can see a much wider dynamic range than you.
                 This is best on RAW images where it keeps spectrums that
                 eyes don't capture well. I wonder if infrared cameras
                 are better for this type of stuff.
              \_ It's basically just emphasizing colors in the image
                 which are already there, but subtle.  -tom
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