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12/8    The current decade has been marked by dramatic effects of warming.

        In 2007-2009, the summer melt reduced the Arctic Ocean ice cap to its
        smallest extent ever recorded. In the 2007-2009 International Polar
        Year, researchers found that Antarctica is warming more than previously
        believed. Almost all glaciers worldwide are retreating.

        Destructive species such as jellyfish and bark-eating beetles are moving
        northward out of normal ranges, and seas expanding from warmth and
        glacier melt are encroaching on low-lying island states.
        \_ What's that buzzing sound?
        \_ better call the bugman, I think you've got a wasp problem
        \_ BUT ITS REALLY COLD. Global warming must not be happening.  I'm going
           to go post my vast knowledge to the SFGate comments now.
2009/12/9-2010/1/13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:53586 Activity:nil
12/8    Is there a bash equivalent to tcsh's history-search-backward ?
        \_ There's something similar called... history-search-backward. It
           is a bit more limited, in that it only searches for strings and
           not glob patterns. You may find reverse-i-search to be useful also.
2009/12/9-2010/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53587 Activity:nil
        Body painted women. May not be SFW if you look at it closely.
        I'm surprised that they're all pretty small cupped women.
        \_ must be annoying for big boobed women to play a sport w/o a bra.
           \_ in sports in general, having big boob is a big liability
              \_ My gf is a dancer with a C-cup bust and she hates it. She said
                 she used to curse her luck when she was younger. She's more
                 satisfied with them now, but I think she'd prefer them
                 smaller. I think fashion models feel the same way
                 (flatter=better). I, of course, have no issues with them.
                 \_ outfits have reversed themselves since the 60's and 80's
                    they're being geared for B or almost B's now, with alot
                    of halter/a frame styles en vogue.
           (therm optic camo effect).
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