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2009/12/8-2010/1/3 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:53578 Activity:nil
12/8    Best and worst jobs: (Director of Fun, Brothel QA) (Animal masterbator, sewage, etc)
        \_ The Brothel QA job is not for everyone.  "The applicants are
           whittled down to a final six, who are then fXXXed one after the
           other ***in a single day*** by Jaime."  Not everyone can meet the
           job requirement.
           \_ But all Persian men can do it. They're descendants of
              very "prolific" Persian kings.
           \_ 70 a year? Pshaw, I could test one every day easily, probably
              two, and I am in my mid-40s.
              \_ All I hear is the sound of envy.
              \_ Yeah, and I can do 1095 a year if they are hot.  But can you
                 do 6 in the same day as required?  I can't.  I'm almost 40.
                 -- PP
                 \_ Probably not, though I fail to see why they all need to
                    be tested on the same day.
        \_ The Guard at Buckingham Palace job is a "hard" job also.  (See pic.)
2009/12/8-2010/1/3 [Uncategorized] UID:53579 Activity:nil
12/8    Arguments based on word defition.
        So; just wondering but I wonder if alot of arguments are based on
        1. what we historically viewed as consensus of the term's def
        2. what new media defines as the term.
        for example, the petite vs. wikipedia petite.  Which is more valid?
        a definition that someone , and their immediate culture, has used
        a term all their life or something a culture defines as valid
        no matter how young?
        \_ Yeah I've heard the term "anecdotal evidence is invalid" alot
           out of the UCB student pop lately; they seem to prefer
           internet definitions.
           \_ By that nature, those definitions can change at the flip of
              a bit or wiki change/revert.
              \_ "We have always been at war with east^weurasia."
        \_ We can't have different ideas about the same word, that would
           bring anarchy!
           \_ nevertheless different people use the same word for different
              things, and the problem is when it's used for slightly similar
              definitions.  If you kill that you are killing diversity.
        \_ Is this a real discussion or one that someone added in its entirety?
        \_ Bill Clinton should be an expert on this subject.
        \-   "Testimony is like an arrow shot from a long bow,
             the force  of it depends  on the strength  of the
             hand  that draws  it. Argument  is like  an arrow
             from  a cross-bow, which  has equal  force though
             drawn by a child."
2009/12/8-26 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:53580 Activity:low
12/8    Old news, but new to me:
        Spam King kills himself and his family after escaping prison
        Hopefully more spammers will take the hint.
        \_ I wish the same fate can go to all marketing and
           advertising folks, selling people things they don't
           really need. I esp. hope it happens to people who
           advertise cigarettes, promote alcohol, and gambling.
           I hope it also happens to all diamond marketing
           folks. And luxury car marketing folks. Actually,
           I hope ALL marketing people die the same fate.
           \_ What about sales people? How do you feel about them?
           \_ So the marketing guys at my startup (who are trying to figure
              out which sector we should sell our storage software product
              to) should, in your opinion, kill themselves?  Truly you are
              a prince among men.  Keep up the good work there, twit.
        \_ He was sentenced to only 21 months in a "prison" with dormitory
           housing.  Why bother escaping?
2009/12/8-26 [Computer/Theory] UID:53581 Activity:nil
        The next talk in the series will be entitled
        Spanning Trees and Aspects (The 15th Annual Christmas Tree Lecture)
        The spanning trees of a graph with n vertices are the sets of n-1 edges\
that connect the graph. In this lecture I'll discuss the remarkable relation bet\
ween the number of spanning trees and the aspects of the graph, which are define\
d via matrix theory. For example, I'll explain why the number of spanning trees\
of an n-dimensional cube is equal to exactly $2^{2^n-n-1} \prod_{k=1}^n k^{n\choose k}$.
        \_ Cool find, thanks.
        \_ Haven't you guys seen all these before? I saw these when I was in
           high school in Wisconsin (yay online).
2009/12/8-26 [Politics/Domestic] UID:53582 Activity:nil
12/8    Republicans vs dems being funny.
        Ok I mean go figure which network aired this:
        \_ Back then they were billing themselves as the rebel network.
           \_ "maverick, you're dangerous."
        \_ Simpsons, too.
2009/12/8-2010/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53583 Activity:kinda low
12/8    <DEAD><DEAD>
        Spendthrifts and tightwads marry each other
        \_ in general white guys are spendthrifts ande white girls
           are even bigger spendthrifts. don't marry white if
           you want to save.
           \_ Don't marry Asian if you want to have a life.
              \_ They make pretty decent mistresses tho.  They'll
                 pretty much do anything.
                 \_ Is this really true?
              \_ ha ha ha ha h aha there's so much truth to
                 this. I guess grass is really greener on the
                 other side. BTW I'm the guy who always
                 brings lunch from home and microwave
                 ethnic food to save money. By the way, at
                 what point do you tell your family members
                 that you've sent home as much money as you
                 want to?    -bored & married Asian, no debt
              \_ Yeah, I am always having to fight with my Asian wife to
                 convince her to do things like go on vacation, but when I
                 really put my foot down, she goes. I have an allowance so that
                 I can buy things like football tickets and fine wines, or we
                 would fight all the time. The upside is that we have lots of
                 money in our bank account! -white guy
                 \_ I hope you realize that very likely, none of your money
                    will be spent on a dream vacation home, Porsche,
                    or that world cruise you've been dreaming about.
                    Traditional Asians put all of their money into
                    their kids, be it education, golf lessons,
                    dental school, down-payment for their kids'
                    home, so on and so forth. Being Asian is to
                    sacrafice oneself for posterity. Being Asian
                    is to suffer now, and not enjoy later.   -miserable
                    \_ You forgot about taking care of the old parents
                       and buying them a home near you so they can "visit."
                    \_ Agreed, and this includes not only money, but also time.
                    \_ We are going to an all incluve resort in Cabo next week!
                       \_ Update. She made the vacation misable by constantly
                       \_ Update. She made the vacation miseraable by constantly
                       \_ Update. She made the vacation miserable by constantly
                          complaining about everything and arguing with everyone
                          on the trip. She did drop the hint that next time we
                          should go someplace that is more educational for the
                          kids. So next time I am going to try and get her to
                          agree to a vacation in Paris so "the kids can see
                          the Louvre." Wish me luck!
                          \_ What does she have against Mexicans? FYI Cabo is
                             very nice and seriously, it's not *real* Mexico.
                          \_ How long have you been married? I'm guessing
                             "too long." Welcome to the club.
                                                -over 15 years, no more sex
                             \_ When did the sex stop? The day after the
                                wedding? Seriously, though, at what point?
                             \_ Dating 10 years, married 6. -2 kids, still sex
                             \_ Married 13 years, sex great, working on kid 1.
                                \_ WTF? Are you like, sterile?
                                   \_ Some of us chose not to have kids early
                                      in life like our Mormon friends do.
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