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2009/11/29-12/8 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:53549 Activity:high
        "Police first went to his $2.4 million house ......"
        For a world's top athlete making hundreds of millions of dollars, isn't
        it strange that Tiger Woods lives in a mere $2.4m house?
        \_ No.
        \_ what's so weird about it? what makes you think that's the only
           house, residential property, or simply property he has? and even
           if he has 1 billion, why would it be weird to live in a mere
           2mil house? what can you get with a 20mil house that you can't
           with a 2mil house, in Florida?
           \_ seconded.  Go look at some FL real estate listings guys
        \_ Bill Gates drove a Toyota (then later a Lexus), Andy Grove
           drove a Saab, and Ikea founder drove a Volvo. Is that weird?
           \_ You're ignoring the not-street-legal 1/2 mil Porsche he kept
              at home.
           \_ I wonder if that's because the GPS on Toyotas and Lexuses runs
              Windows CE or XP Embedded or something.
           \_ I'd have thought that as the richest man on the planet, Gates
              always goes around in a convoy of bodyguards.
              \_ I heard he's afraid of pie attacks.
              \_ When I met him in the hallway at Wired Magazine, he only
                 had some woman and Steve Ballmer with him. I have heard that
                 he know travels with at least some security these days though.
                 he now travels with at least some security these days though.
                 \_ and you didn't take the opportunity to sucker-punch him?
                    \_ I stared at him for a while and considered spitting on
                       him, but then incorrectly decided that he was just some
                       poor SOB who had the misfortune to look like Bill
                       Gates. Afterall, what was the probability that I might
                       actually bump into him? Turns out that he was there for
                       a photo shoot.
                       \_ Good thing you didn't.  Bill Gates curse is even more
                          effective than Soda blacklisting you from Silicon
                          \_ what the hell are you talking about? what
                          \_ Talking to people from Sun, I am pertty sure they
                             would have hired me just for that. Ellison probably
                             \_ if you have to work at Sun or Oracle, you're
                                probably desperate for a paycheck, or
                                is an indentured^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
                                H1B visa holder who wants a greencard.
                 \_ I met a limo driver who insists who drove Gates and
                    his wife to his house in Rancho Santa Fe (or thereabouts).
                    They hadn't eaten so they wanted to stop on the way.
                    They went through the drive through at Burger King.
                    He claims Bill's wife pulled BK coupons out of her
                    purse which they used.
                    \_ as silly and improbable as this story sounds, it
                       is in fact consistent with what people say about
                       Bill Gates for many years.
                       \_ What's improbable about it?  The things that are
                          interesting about fast food remain interesting when
                          you have a ton of money. Chez Panisse doesn't have
                          a drive-through. And the coupon thing is about
                          personal pleasure in getting a perceived deal, it's
                          not about saving 25 cents.  -tom
                    \_ Can a limo actually negotiate the tight turns at a BK
                       \_ ding ding ding, thanks for pointing out the
                          inconsistencies in this bozo's statements.
                          he is a suspect now           -monk
                          \_ not all limos are stretch limos.
                             \_ I'm not sure it was a limo. I should have
                                used the word 'chauffeur'. It could have
                                been a town car or even an SUV for all I know.
                                I didn't ask. I doubt it was an actual
        \_ I have to say that I am pretty surprised. You'd think he'd
           have more property (=privacy). I am sure he owns a lot of other
           properties, but that's not the point.
           \_ A story about the world's richest man and his wife using coupons
              is funny.  Guess what, the world's richest man's time is more
              valuable than yours.  Why would he waste time cutting and redeeming
              coupons?  That's stupid.  I don't know why Sergei doesn't travel
              with an elite squad of hot blond Russian Spetnatz assassins.
              Eric travels with some security.  Who the hell let him go to Iraq?
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