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2009/11/24-12/6 [Computer/HW] UID:53542 Activity:low
11/24   What is the best 25-32" monitor out there? I am ready to upgrade
        my 9 year old CRT. -ausman
        \_ How much money are you willing to spend, and how good do you
           really need it to be good? Are you willing to pay $900 for the
           industry standard monitor used by graphics artists, or are you
           so cheap that you'll only want to pay up $400 for something that
           is good enough for coding and checking email? $900 or $400?
           I've uploaded an Apple LED Cinema Display 24" vs. Dell Ultrasharp
           2408WFP, pixel-to-pixel comparisons for you monitor pixel peepers
           out there. Does it mean anything? If you're not a pixel peeper, no.
           \_ I spent $1k on my last one and will probably spend about that
              this time. I might spend more if I really thought it was worth
              it, but not $15k. If I can get really good quality for less,
              I would be happy to spend less, but I doubt that is true.
              I like to buy good things and then use them for a long time. -a
        \_ "Best" is subjective.  And sorry, I have no recommendation in
           the 25-32" range.  For 24.1", Eizo CG243W.
           \_ $2200 eh? Do you have one? Is it worth it?
              \_ I have a really old L565 and somewhat outdated S2410W
                 (paid around $1700).  Zero complaints about L565.  S2410W
                 uses Samsung's PVA panel, and I'm not quite satisfied with
                 it.  CG243W uses the latest NEC IPS panel.  If it had RGB
                 back-light, I'd pay $3000 for one.  As is, I'm just very
           \_ Self correction.  Apparently, even CG243W uses LG panel. Where
              has all the high-end gone....  Also, the new SX2462W appears to
              use the same IPS panel, at much cheaper price, but without
              hardware calibration and some other really high-end features.
              That might be a reasonably good buy.  I'm just going to wait it
              out until there's a no-compromise (to me anyway) model.
           \_ Additional information.  Looks like CG232W is the one using NEC
              panel.  It's actually smaller (22.5") but has the same resolution.
              \_ CG232W has a $15k price tag. That is too much for me.
        \_ I hate to sound like an Apple fanboi but when I tried out
           the 24" Apple LED Cinema Display, I was completely sold.
           Stay away from Dell Ultrasharp 24" unless price is an issue.
           Check out user reviews.
           \_ Curious why?  I have a Dell Ultrasharp 24" and it has been a great
              solid monitor, used for over 2 years now.  -ERic
              \_ It's a perfectly fine monitor for its price. It has MORE
                 features than the Apple Cinema display, by leaps and bounds
                 AND you can buy several Dells for the price of one Cinema
                 Display. Spec-wise, it is brighter, more contrast, yadda
                 yadda yadda. However, not everything is about features.
                 There's a reason why most graphic artists still prefer the
                 Mac-- better rendition of colors, and the color-balance
                 is simply calibrated very well. I wrote a review on
                 Amazon about this, and it used to be on the top review
                 (10/11 people thought it was useful). I just went back and
                 found out my review is now shifted to the bottom, WTF! They
                 also took out a near microscopic comparison of
                 pixels which I uploaded without giving me any warning!
                 FU Amazon. Anyways here it is:
              \_ We have a bunch of 24" Dell Ultrasharps at work and some
                 have failed, but they were replaced under warranty. They
                 look fine when they are working. The Dell 20" and 30"
                 seem more reliable. If money was no object I'd go with Apple.
        \_ 24" is fine, too. -ausman
        \_ I am going to get the Apple 24" thanks for all your advice. -ausman
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11/23   Google Wave reality:
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