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2009/11/11-30 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:53518 Activity:low
11/11   Watch the History Channel today! It's got Oppenheimer and the atomic
        bomb history. Did you know at one time 10% of the entire electricity
        in the U.S. was used to refine U235 and weapon grade plutonium?
        Holy jesus! I wonder how much energy is used to get plutonium fuel
        that generates today's nuclear powered electric plant
        \_ it talks about the 2 different methods for getting U235. So
           I was curious and looked it up:
           Basically, refine uranium into U235 (0.7%) and U238. But
           then it also talks about using U235 to bombarad U238 into
           U239, plutonium. How does that work?
           \_ Physics is hard.
              \_ why the hell did you even bother to answer if
                 your answer doesn't help
                 \_ you're new around here, aren't you?
                 \_ Here then:
2009/11/11-24 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:53519 Activity:nil
11/11   The DC sniper Muhammad was executed 7yrs after his crime.  Don't denth
        penalty convicts usually spend much longer time on death roll?  What
        put him in the express line?
        \_ Even the supreme court said they should have had 2 weeks to
           consider commuting his sentence to life.  anyway troll boy,
           perhaps the mountain of evidence against the guy, the confession
           of his accomplice, and terrorizing our capital had something
           to do about it.
        \_ In contrast, this guy lived 16 years and never saw the Chair. Damn.
           "Oakland man on death row dies in hospital"
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