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2009/11/2-9 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:53490 Activity:nil
11/2    "Father of China's space tech program dies at 98"
        "Qian ...... began his career in the U.S. and was regarded as one of
        the brightest minds in the new field of aeronautics before returning
        to China in 1955, driven out of the United States at the height of
        anticommunist fervor."
        Which moron back then decided to send this guy away?  If we kept him
        we would have faced much less competition both in the space program
        and in the arms race.
        \_ You're an idiot
        \_ This is probably McCarthyism.
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11/2    "Statistics experts reject global cooling claims"
2009/11/2-9 [Reference/Tax] UID:53492 Activity:very high
11/1    Where the Bush tax cuts went:
        It sure would be nice to have that $2.3T back, wouldn't it?
        \_ If you pray hard enough, much of that wealth will be trickling down
           to everyone soon! Keep praying!
        \_ Since the money stayed with individuals like you and me we
           already "have it back". Or do you mean that you wish the
           government had kept $2.3T in wealth that belonged to the
           \_ anyone with HS education understands the point of the
              graph. The rich have the biggest dot, and hence they
              got way more than everyone else. The point of the
              graph is to conjure up knee-jerk actions from the poor
              and socialists alike. Did you graduate from Berkeley?
              \_ What the rich "got" was their own money! Good point
                 in your next-to-last sentence.
           \_ What did they do with it? It seems pretty clear that the people
              who got the tax break just blew it on a big housing bubble.
              \_ personal responsibility. self reliance. yadda yadda
                 yadda. Read Ayn Rand.
                 \_ to understand better how idiots think about the world?
           \_ No, what really happened is that Bush borrowed $2.3T from the
              Chinese and indebted future generations (like you and me) to
              pay it back and then transferred that money to his wealthy
              supporters. If the government had been running a surplus during
              that time, you might be right, but we did not, we ran huge
              deficits. I sure wish we hadn't borrowed all that money to
              pay for the Bush tax cuts, don't you?
              \_ Put another way:
                 Bush screwed the Chinese, because they aren't ever going
                 to see that money again. I can't pay it back and I'm
                 declaring BK, baby. Let's watch the Chinese try to collect.
                 The wealthiest Americans stole $2.3T from the Chinese.
                 They are so gullible. If I owe the Chinese $100K I have
                 a big problem. If I owe the Chinese $2.3T they have a big
                 BTW, these "future generations" who will pay the bill
                 back are the same "rich people" the money was "given" to
                 to begin with. "You and me" aren't going to pay it back,
                 because we don't pay that much in taxes anyway. Anytime
                 you can borrow cheaply and earn a higher return on the
                 money you borrowed you should do so. Consider this a
                 low-interest loan from the Chinese to wealthy Americans
                 who then invested the money. In that context it makes a
                 lot more sense.
                 \_ Who has gotten a higher return on their investment
                    lately? I don't think it was anyone investing in the
                    US real estate or equity markets. Though the dollar
                    weakness must make US Bondholders nervous as well.
                    We will all be paying it back, with higher taxes and
                    less services.
                    \_ You don't think anyone investing in the real estate
                       markets made money?! Don't let the recent crash
                       obscure how much money was made. What are those
                       T-bills paying lately? Also, I hate to break it to
                       you but we won't all be paying it back. Plenty of
                       people don't pay any (or hardly any) tax at all.
                       \_ Reductions in services are a form of payment.
                          \_ Depends on if I use the services or not.
                             \_ 1) The people who don't pay any tax at
                                   all tend to use lots of
                                   services (for example: buses,
                                   public schools, public health
                                   clinics, etc.) that self-satisfied
                                   over-priviledged geeks don't use.
                                2) Even if you as a self-satisfied,
                                   overpriviledged geek don't use those
                                   services, their reduction is a cost
                                   to the society in which you take part.
                                   A good public transportation system
                                   reduces traffic on the roads; a good
                                   public school system reduces crime and
                                   increases the quality of the labor
                                   pool, a good public health system
                                   reduces the incidence of communicable
                                   disease, etc.  -tom
                                   \_ Completely depends on which services
                                      are cut. Not every service provides
                                      some noble service to society.
                                      \_ OK, well, considering that
                                         education and health services
                                         represent over 80% of the
                                         state operational budget, where
                                         are the cuts going to come from?
                                         They're going to come from
                                         services the state's poor need.  -tom
                                         \_ We're talking about the federal
                                            government borrowing from the
                                            Chinese. There's a big part of
                                            the budget that could be cut
                                            which is defense.
                                            \_ Defense is the one government
                                               service that the rich enjoy
                                               more than the poor.  -tom
                                               \_ That's not necessarily
                                                  true, but if it is then
                                                  you just proved my point
                                                  about how "we" may not
                                                  pay back the money that
                                                  was borrowed and "the
                                                  rich" will.
                       \_ It is an interesting way to look at it. Let's see
                          who ends up getting their taxes raised to pay it
                       \_ You must pay a lot less in taxes than me. "We" will
                          certainly be paying it back.
                          \_ I am not in the top 1% ($400K+), but if you are
                             then congrats and sorry to tell you that, yes, you
                             will be paying it back. I'm sure you don't
                             mind given all the money you made as a result
                             of the tax cuts, though.
                             \_ Not quite top 1%, but top 5% for sure. I am
                                still thinking about what I think of the govt
                                borrowing money on my behalf. It is true that
                                I did all right investing with it. I wouldn't
                                mind seeing my taxes go up, especilaly if it
                                went to something worthwhile, like the UC.
        \_ what'd be nice is a bit next to it showing the tax burdens
           and incomes as well for comparison.  We already know they pay a
           larger share of the taxes as well.
           \_ Overall tax burden is pretty flat from the 4th to highest
              This includes all taxes, not just income tax, which is what
              the cheerleaders for the wealthiest like to focus on.
              \_ Does not include property tax, sales tax, or local taxes.
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11/2    Koreans don't like foreigners:
        \_ Me either man.  Good food tho.
2009/11/2-17 [Uncategorized] UID:53494 Activity:nil
11/2    Random web site browsing.    Ugly ass photos, shitty photographer   Pretty good photos, I like it
        Moral of the story: both have shitty names, what the hell are
        they thinking? Domain name is everything. Food for thought
        for your next startup.
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