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2009/10/31-11/3 [Transportation/Car] UID:53488 Activity:nil
10/31   Someone is really desperate about crossing the Bay Bridge:
        \_ Why the hell would anyone want to carjack an American car?
           Of all cars, the Civic is the best. Chop it up and sell
           for parts and you get 3-4X the return. American cars
           have very little value, especially in Japanese Car Loving
           Nation such as the Bay Area. Is the carjacker stupid?
           \_ It may be stupid for a Dodge Nitro.  But for American models like
              the 1984-96 Jeep Cherokee whose body remained identical (except
              wheels and colors) for 13 years, the body and interior parts are
              still pretty tradable.  -- OP
              \_ I didn't know that. In that case, kudos to the
                 car jacker who obviously knows his business.
                 Jack on.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2009:October:31 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>