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2009/10/20-11/3 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:53457 Activity:high
10/20   "Ending death penalty could save US millions: study"
        "...... the cost to the state to reach that one execution is 30
        million dollars"
        I used to be pro death penalty because I thought it's cheaper than
        life without possibility of parole (p.s. especially with the health
        care cost of $40k/yr per prisoner that was in the news a couple months
        ago).  But now I'm not sure.
        \_ It is clearly not cheaper.  -tom
           \_ It would be cheaper if we just got on with it already.
              \_ But we can't and shouldn't, so it's clearly not cheaper. -tom
                 \_ We can and we should. See how easy that is?
                    \_ Yes, it's quite easy to execute innocent people.  -tom
                       \_ if DNA proves guilt, kill. if not, life sentence.
                       \_ You think jailing innocent people for life is better?
                          Let's just not jail anyone in case we made a mistake.
                          \_ Plenty of innocent people "jailed for life" end up
                             being released after new evidence comes to light.
                             Hard to bring someone back to life though.
                             138 death-row inmates have been released since
                             1971.  The failure cost of the death penalty is
                             much higher than the failure cost of prison.  -tom
                             \_ I think I'd rather be wrongly executed than
                                rot in prison for 60 years after being wrongly
                                imprisoned. Jail and the people in it are that
                                unpleasant. What *really* sits wrong with
                                me is when criminals *beg* to be executed
                                and we don't do it. Let's execute those
                                people ASAP and set a reasonable period
                                where evidence can be brought to light for
                                everyone else: lets say 10 years. I don't
                                want to pay for some "death row" type guy
                                to be in prison from age 22 to 82. Charles
                                Manson should not be an expense to me
                                right now.
                                \_ If you had a 10-year limit, you would
                                   only have executed 65 of the 138 innocent
                                   people.  Good job!  -tom
                                   \_ I'm not going to worry about 65 people
                                      out of the 2.5 million in jail. As I
                                      said, it's not any better to wrongly
                                      rot in jail. It's not like you are
                                      going to find all wrongfully
                                      convicted people with or without the
                                      death penalty. I believe the justice
                                      system works and works better than
                                      ever in this age of DNA evidence.
                                      Your argument is that the justice
                                      system makes a mistake 5% of the time
                                      in capital cases. I _really_ doubt that
                                      figure given the extensive appeals
                                      process. BTW, the average length of
                                      time between sentencing and
                                      exoneration for those wrongfully
                                      convicted is 7 years. So if you
                                      think 10 cuts it too close let's
                                      make it 20. I just threw a number
                                      out there.
                                      \_ At this point you're just trolling;
                                         if you were really wrongfully
                                         accused and had the option of 12
                                         years in jail and instant death,
                                         you would take death?  The idea
                                         is absurd.  Let's leave it at,
                                         the death penalty is more expensive
                                         than life in prison and will remain
                                         so despite the efforts of nutjobs
                                         like you, so you can't argue that
                                         the death penalty costs less than
                                         the alternative.  -tom
                                         \_ The death penalty is only more
                                            expensive because of nutjobs
                                            like you who are concerned that 65
                                            out of millions of convictions
                                            over the last 30 years might
                                            actually be innocent. You
                                            waste a lot of money on such
                                            statistical insignificance.
                                            Accept that the justice system
                                            works and stop wasting time
                                            defending *tried and convicted*
                                            death row inmates. If this
                                            were 1709 I'd be right with
                                            you, but the system is not as
                                            corrupt as it used to be and
                                            works very well as your own
                                            numbers attest to.
                                            \_ Millions were convicted of
                                               murder? Probably not. I wonder
                                               what the false positive rate
                                               in convictions is. Any idea?
        \_ The article doesn't say.  Is it also so expensive in Texas, where
           there do a lot of it?
        \_ You know why California has a prison problem? Because of
           fucking idiots like you who think it's cheaper to keep a
           person alive than to execute them. I have a better
           solution, just offshore the job to China. They can do it
           far more efficiently. It really pisses me off seeing a
           headline like this. Hand control of Oakland to China and
           the crime situation will disappear and innocent people will
           stop dying. Fucking US criminal justice system.
           \_ California has 678 death row inmates; you could execute them
              all tomorrow and we'd still have a prison problem.  -tom
              \_ My point is we should execute a lot more people. Like
                 the 10 or 20 who gang raped the Richmond school girl.
                 A bullet in their head is the best message we can
                 send to those fuckers in Richmond and Oakland.
                 Innocent people suffer and die when you have a
                 criminal justice system that doesn't get rid of
                 \_ I think we should get out the guilloitine and start
                    chopping off the heads of all of Goldman Sachs and
                    the CEOs of AGI, Bank of America and all the other
                    the CEOs of AIG, Bank of America and all the other
                    fools who have caused much more suffering than the
                    Richmond rapists. But I am not holding my breath
                    for the world to come around to my point of view.
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10/20   mail does not work, because mailbox is gone.  /var/mail has only
        2 files.
        \_ Fixed.  --mconst
           \_ Running /usr/bin/mail is still giving me seg fault.  It has been
              this way for the past couple months.  --- yuen
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