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10/16   Welcome back.
2009/10/16-11/3 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53456 Activity:nil
10/16   Interesting new Canon P&S cameras: G11, S90.
        BTW, has anybody used the new D10 [not the old 10D] ... any thoguhts?
        I'm trying to pick between {my G10 + buy waterproof housing} or
        a buy a nw D10 (beach, boat/raft/kayak, snorkel ... not scuba).
           \_ i think this review is overly gushy. there are a lot of pix
              you can take with 28-105mm field of view ... esp if the camera
              is small enoght to keep with your, and the image stab is really
              nice and give you an advantage over optically nice but older
              non-IS lenses ... BUT imagine never shooting blew f/8. Come on.
              The inabilty to chop DoF is a big lose. Maybe you can debate
              the benefits og 2.8 -> 1.4, but even the supposedly "fast"
              S90 or LX3 ... dont really give you a much shallower DoF.
              Also, I dont think this dood's G11 sample are that good ...
              I take pix that are as good with my G10 and I dont think I'm
              a pro worth listneing to.
              [BTW, I own and really like my G10 and have recommended it to
              others so not dissing the specific model or P&S in genreal.
              But when O was evaluating whether to buy a LX3 as a "portrait"/
              "fast indoor" camera i did the math to calculate the real DoF
              corrected for sensor size [just like you need the FOV multiplier,
              you have a DoF multipler], so f2 is not what you expect.]
              \- YOU FUCKING DIP SHIT, delet my post again and I'll
                 delete yours from now on.
              \_ You're an idiot for suggestion G10 over anything else without
                 making consideration of other things like over-megapixel (do
                 you seriously need 15 MP on a small sensor)? Also, when
                 you pack so much MP into a tiny sensor, you get lots of
                 noise at anything above 80 ISO thus the extra MPs you get
                 will have much higher noise. The G10 looks amazing under
                 the most ideal lighting situation and at 80 ISO. However,
                 most people normally shoot at all conditions (indoor,
                 night, etc), under less than ideal situation, and their
                 extra MP and extra disk space is wasted due to much lower
                 signal-to-noise ratio.
                   Secondly, you're an idiot for even trying to compare
                 the depth of field of a small compact to a SLR. Even if
                 if you have f/1.0 on a compact, the DoF is still higher
                 than an SLR at f/2.0. It's the same reason why DoF on
                 SLR will *NEVER* reach the DoF of a medium format on
                 an equivalent focal length.
                   The G11 is a great camera because Canon finally learned
                 that people are demanding less noise and a better well
                 rounded camera, than a G10 that only looks good in
                 ideal situation. The G10 is an awful awful camera that
                 a lot of pros (that want compacts) didn't want to get.
                 Overall, your response shows that you're an idiot.
                 SUCK MY BALLS.
        \_ I was debating between a G11 and a LX3. On the other hand, I think
           I will just wait now that I'm not working. The new D3x with
           oven 100,000 ISO is simply amazing.
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