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2009/10/13-11/3 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:53450 Activity:nil
10/13   "Analysis: Russia uses ambiguity to boost its power"
        Damn Russia, a two-headed snake.
2009/10/13-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53451 Activity:nil
        Another replay of The Play.  People never learn.
2009/10/13-11/3 [Uncategorized] UID:53452 Activity:low
10/13   I am selling a Nikon D70 dlr on craigslist. A guy responds and
        wants me to ship it to Ogun State, Nigeria. He says he'll send
        me the money via paypal once I give him the OK (committing to
        the transaction). Could this be a scam? How would he manage to
        do it if he wires me the money first? I have no local buyers,
        other than low-ballers! I am tempted to sell to him, but
        wondering if there's something I am not seeing here.. Thanks!
        \_ Just don't do it.
        \_ That nigeria is involved should be a huge regd flag that it
           is a scam.   They also have a long history of scams where they
           buy stuff, overpay for it, ask you to send the overpayment back
           and leave you holding the bag when their 'overpayment' was actually
           fake and the bank didn't reverse it until a few days later.
           \_ Wait several weeks and see that the overpayment is actually
              cleared by the bank before you send the overpayment back.  -- !OP
        \_ I wouldn't do it. Nigeria has such a bad reputation that when my
           girlfriend, who is a movie producer, had to meet with a potential
           Nigerian investor (who now lives in the US) everyone was skeptical.
           I was worried for her safety when she met him at his hotel bar (he
           was flying in to town from back East) and she made sure to go with
           others. It turned out that not only was the guy legitimate, but
           extremely nice, too. We all feel terrible for judging him based on
           the country he was born in, but Nigerian scam artists have made it
           that way. That said, I would worry that this guy is laundering money
           or using a stolen account, which may mean that even if you aren't
           ripped off you are doing business with a criminal enterprise.
           Are you comfortable with that possibility?
           \_ Dude he's being scammed, 100 percent.  For fun ask him if he is
              The Mugu or The Master. - danh
              The Mugu or The Master or The Margarita. - danh
        \_ How did this turn out?
        \_ Hey asshole, we responded. Now let us know how it turned out.
           \_ Haha, I sold it locally for a reasonable price.
2009/10/13-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53453 Activity:nil
10/13   httpd doesn't seem to work.  Are some of our kind volunteers looking
        into it?  Thanks.
2009/10/13-11/3 [Health/Disease/General] UID:53454 Activity:nil
10/12   Too much or too little vaccine?
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