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2009/10/12-11/3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:53446 Activity:low
10/12   In the same spirit as below, I'm going to be in the Florida Keys
        for a few days Thanksgiving Week.  Any recs on what to do, where
        to stay, what to eat.  All I know about is going snorkeling.
        Also in Miami for a day and half, if you have any recs there.
        \_ You know how when you depart from an airport you need to pay
           extra $2-3, depending on the airport? Well one time I took
           a taxi from Miami back to the airport, and when I got
           off the taxi I gave the driver $14 (fee) plus $2 tip. He asked
           for tip. I explained that I already gave him $2 tip and he got
           all worked up and said I need to pay the extra $2 airport fee.
           "I work for tip, mon!" I explained on the taxi sign that the
           extra fee would be incurred when going out of the airport,
           not going in. He obviously didn't read English well and started
           to curse at me. I gave him the extra $2 so that he would go
           away but went to an authority and confirmed that they're not suppose
           to do that. I then called the mass transit/taxi registration
           to report the case since I got his taxi stall number, and
           they promised to call me back on their investigation. They never
           called back. You really have to watch out in Miami. It is
           not as peachy as Seattle or Houston. Shit hole.
           \_ Leaving the SF airport, I had a cabbie not turn on the meter
              until we were already into the ride, and tell me "to here
              it's usually $2, so you can pay me $2 more than the meter."
              The scam is that they have to pay the taxi company based
              on the meter (which should include any airport fees), and
              they're pocketing the extra.  -tom
        \_ Miami is like a 3rd world country. If you like Los Angeles
           then you may like Miami. Lots and lots of ethnic food, TRAFFIC,
           women in skimpy clothes and shady looking guys in gold that
           scream ROB ME PLEASE, TRAFFIC TRAFFIC and lots of rude
           \_ and really really nice cars
           drivers, partying, ethnic food, lousy parking situation.
           Driving there REALLY sucks. So in a sense it's like a
           hybrid of Venice, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sunset, and I-10 freeway
           all merged into one. If that's your kind of thing, yeah go to
           Miami.                       -person who will NEVER go back
           \_ Good food and partying with scantily clad women. I can see why
              you'd avoid it. Driving sucks in every big city and it's 10x
              worse to drive in Boston or DC than it is in LA. How does
              Miami's traffic compare to those?
              \_ I don't like Los Angeles, and that's probably why
                 I don't like Miami. If that's your type of thing, fine.
                 \_ Maybe you should say what you *do* like. So far we know
                    you don't like food, don't like parties, don't like
                    scantily clad women, and don't like traffic. We need
                    to calibrate your comments. Let us know that you like
                    quiet time at home reading, bookstores, skiing, fat women
                    who wear glasses and your favorite food is a sandwich (or
                    \_ I love food and whatever you said, I just don't
                       enjoy driving between the points in Los Angeles.
                       I don't enjoy I-10, I-110, I-405, I-5, and whatever
                       it is you need to take to get between the amazing
                       points of interest on Sunset, Santa Monica, Westwood,
                       Orange County, and what not. I'll gladly take
                       inferior ethnic food in the Bay Area without your
                       rude drivers and the time you need to spend on the
                       road, thank you very much.
                       \_ Bay Area has great food.
                          \_ Compared to many places, yes. Try to find
                             a decent burrito, though, for example.
                             \_ I actually don't like most mexican food.
                                I never liked beans and salsa.
                                \_ Probably because you never had good
                                   Mexican food. What kind of food *do*
                                   you like?
                                   \_ Cheap likes: Italian, Japanese
                                      Expensive likes: French, Russian
                                      I suppose any big city will do,
                                      but I think elite foodies will
                                      beg to differ and offer a plethora
                                      of suggestions below.
                                      \_ I don't find Italian or Japanese
                                         to be cheap. Maybe you should try
                                         Mexican fish dishes. The best
                                         catfish I had in my life was at
                                         a gourmet Mexican restaurant and
                                         the sauce was made with guava. The
                                         Mexican preparation of skate
                                         wings is also really good. In LA, I
                                         really like La Serenata de
                                         Garibaldi and miss (now gone) El
                                         Emperador Maya. I also like Monte
                                         Alban, Guelaguetza, and Babita. I
                                         have heard Rosa Mexicano is good,
                                         but I don't know. It's a small
                                         chain like Border Grill. Menu looks
                                         good. Do any of the dishes in
                                         good. Also heard good things
                                         about LA institution El Rinconcito Del
                                         Mar. Do any of the dishes in
                                         the "Favorites" section of the below
                                         page appeal to you?
                                         \_ I've been to nice Mexican
                                            and Texmex restaurants and I
                                            just don't enjoy them as much
                                            the same way certain people
                                            don't enjoy pizza or burgers.
                                            Having that said, yes a lot of
                                            the food desc are good, I would
                                            probably like them, esp. the
                                            ones without beans and salsa.
                                            Thanks for your suggestions.
                                            Are there any other non Mex food
                                            in LA you can recommend?
                             \_ Papalote is decent, but LA Burrito > SF Burrito
                                Burrito discussion starts at 44:29.
                             \_ SF Burrito > Miami Burrito
                                \_ Mexico burrito > SF burrito
                                   \_ No such thing as a Mexico Burrito.
                                \_ SF Cuban <<<<< Miami Cuban
                                   \_ You would think that, but when I was in
                                      Miami I never had any great Cuban food.
                                      The Jamaican food was great. I was only
                                      there for a week and busy campaigning
                                      for Obama, so I didn't really have time
                                      to check out Little Havana. Do you have
                                      any particular places you would recommend?
                                      \_ If you couldn't find good Cuban in
                                         Miami then you are hopeless.
                                         \_ If you can't help by offering
                                            alternatives then you're a total
                                            ass                 !op
                                            \_ Maybe so, but a 60 second
                                               Internet search followed by
                                               a talk with a concierge and
                                               perhaps a few locals is not
                                               hard to do. It's not like
                                               searching for good Latvian food
                                               in Arizona. Maybe the OP just
                                               doesn't like Cuban food. I'm
                                               curious where he had better.
                                               Only better I had was in my
                                               friend's kitchen.
                                               \_ If the op wanted opinion from
                                                  a random guy on the internet,
                                                  he would have searched
                                                  already. There is
                                                  value/anti-value in
                                                  getting opinions from CSUAers.
                                                  If you missed that point,
                                                  why bother contributing shit
                                                  on motd you fucking dip shit?
                                                  \_ Teaching a man to fish
                                                     is more valuable than
                                                     giving him a fish.
                                               \_ I was in Opa-locka and Miami
                                                  Garden busting my ass 16 hours
                                                  a day campaigning, I didn't
                                                  have time to go to the
                                                  Republican parts of Cuban
                                                  Miami. The only real Cuban
                                                  food I had was from my bosses
                                                  wife in The Army, who was
                                                  Cuban. Cha Cha Cha has a few
                                                  vaguely Cuban dishes, which
                                                  I like. In Miami, I asked
                                                  quite a few locals where to
                                                  food I have ever had was from
                                                  my bosses wife in The Army,
                                                  who was Cuban. Cha Cha Cha has
                                                  a few vaguely Cuban dishes,
                                                  which I like. In Miami, I
                                                  asked quite a few (black
                                                  Hatian) locals where to
                                                  get Cuban food and finally
                                                  ate at a place in Opa-locka
                                                  that was mediocre, but that is
                                                  probably like eating Chinese
                                                  food in The Mission.
                \_ Er, thanks for your concern, but I'm passing throught Miami,
                   not moving there. Anything about the Keys?
2009/10/12-21 [Finance/Investment] UID:53447 Activity:nil
        15 Stock Market Charts that *may* be interesting to look at.
        It's not mind blowing amazing in any sense but... who knows,
        maybe it can be useful to grow your portfolio.
        \_ Are you market timer guy? Didn't the 50 day PMA cross the 200
           day PMA a long time ago?
2009/10/12-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53448 Activity:nil
10/12   Are twink points still distributed? There's an app for that...
2009/10/12-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53449 Activity:nil
10/12   Interesting animation on the evolution of the International Space
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