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2009/10/6-21 [Science/Space, Politics/Domestic] UID:53430 Activity:nil
10/5    Make sure to watch The Crumbling of America on History today! America's
        infrastructure is collapsing. Tens of thousands of bridges are
        structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. A third of the
        nation's highways are in poor or mediocre shape. Massively leaking
        water and sewage systems are creating health hazards and
        contaminating rivers and streams.
        Weakened and under-maintained levees and dams tower over communities
        and schools. And the power grid is increasingly maxed out, disrupting
        millions of lives and putting entire cities in the dark
        \_ Oh noes!  Did they also mention the sorry crumbling shape of the
            support columns that hold up the sky?
            \_ don't worry, Republicans and libertarians will help us out!
        \_ More proof that the government can't do anything right.
           \_ more proof that we need to take care of ourselves.
              self reliance via power generator, butane tanks,
              fuel, food, and guns+ammos                -libertarian
              \_ you are such a poser.  Do you own a well?  Solar panels?
                        how about your car?  bio-diesel?
2009/10/6-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Industry/Startup] UID:53431 Activity:moderate
10/5    any UC berkeley students that had successful startups
        in the past 15 years?
        \_ all the Cal grads I know with MBAs are in VC or finance.
           maybe they are just better at risk analysis... starting a company
           is not a great way to make money!
           \_ I'm a Cal grad with an MBA working in Finance (not High Finance).
              Before getting my MBA I had an unsuccessful startup. --abe
                \_ rock on
        \_ dans learned a lot while cratering two, does that count?
           \_ dans is doing a great job at CNET and his boss loves him here
              \_ dans is being a great Berkeley grad by being a good
                 'ol obedient code monkey for the man, most likely
                 a Furd grad or a company funded by Furd connected VCs.
                 Archictect:Construction Worker :: Stanfurd:Berkeley
        \_ the lack of response says a lot about the pathetic state
           that UCB has been in the past 2 decades or so. No wonder people
           leave UCB to the Furd (e.g. Professor Aiken defecting to the
           Furd instead of Professor Widom defecting to Cal).
           \_ no, it's more a representation that the csua/motd is dying or is
              already dead.
        \_ just thinking we should hook up with the gals over at HAAS business
           school who are interested in forming a social networking startup or
           something... just need a good innovative idea born at UCB!!
           \_ LOL. VCs will tell you that innovative ideas that will make
              billions a year are dime a dozen. It's never about the ideas.
              It's about the team, the execution, the track record (or attention
              economy logs), and such. ... this is yet another example why
              Cal should require Entrepreneurialship 101 as a mandatory
              class to clarify these misconceptions.
        \_ Inktomi, Organic, CollabNet
           \_ Obviously Sameer, too. What a bunch of cruft, though, for
              a school with tech leanings that was in the Bay Area during
              a huge tech boom.
              \_ That is just who I know about. There have got to be others
                 from the more recent crowd of graduates. I forgot HotOrNot.
                 Cal students work at startups, we don't found them.
        \_ Rottentomatoes.
        \_ Are there any Cal startups with viable business models?
           Hotornot's cal people are long gone, and now it's a lame
  competitor.  Organic was sold and bought and sold
           and is a shadow of its former self.
           \_ What about CollabNet? But compared to Stanfurd, which has churned
              out Sun, Yahoo, Google and VMWAre this is a pretty pathetic lot.
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