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2009/10/2-21 [Health, Finance] UID:53425 Activity:nil
        Man with transplanted hands. It says nerve cells grow about an
        inch a month so he'll have sensation in his fingers soon.
        I thought nerve cells, after broken, cannot be re-connected.
        Is this something new?
        \_ You thought wrong. If that was true then every woman who has
           her nipples moved during breast implants or lifts would lose all
           sensation in her nipples. Nerves grow back, but slowly.
           \_ so the paralegics that broke their necks have no hope, ever?
        \_ Peripheral nerves grow back at that rate.  Central nerve growth
           rates are being studied, but at the moment, the convention is that
           central nerves do not grow back appreciably.
        \_ from my neurosurgeon friend: "central nervous system (brain and
           spinal cord) neurons, in general, do not regenerate after injury.
           peripheral nerves (in arms and legs, and yes nipples) can regenerate.
           This only occurs significantly in the optimal environment: no
           scarring, nerves sew together and re-aligned, injury not close to
           spine, young patients, and repair immediately after injury. Even
           with the above, recovery is often incomplete and poor. A re-attached
           hand will get some sensation, and maybe some innervation of muscles
           in the hand--but nothing close to normal usually. Movement of fingers
           should be decent because the muscles in the forearms move the fingers,
           not the muscles in the hand that control fine movements."
2009/10/2-12 [Uncategorized] UID:53426 Activity:nil
10/2    Wireshark is  So WTF is  I was
        \_ Watch SHARK TANK on Tuesday! It is good!
        \_ What were you tricked into doing?
           \_ When I use FireFox 3.5.3 to go to it
              gets stuck for a long time with the status bar saying "Read
              <DEAD>"<DEAD>  IE 7.0 doesn't have this problem,
              but it shows a site that talks about Wireshark instead of the
              real site that lets me download it.
2009/10/2-22 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:53427 Activity:low
10/1    It costs $500,000 USD to rape a child:
        \_ "Geimer, now a mother of four, has said repeatedly and publicly
           that she thinks Polanski was treated unfairly and expressed a desire
           for the case to be resolved without prison time."
           So she thinks he didn't commit a crime but she wants him to pay her?
           Or what?
           \_ "treared unfairly" and "he didn't commit a crime" aren't the
              same thing.
              \_ If that's the case, it means she's saying that someone
                 drug-raping a 13-yr-old and being a fugitive doesn't deserve
                 jail time.
                 \_ or perhaps she means the claims against him were exaggerated?
                 \_ or perhaps she means the claims against him were
                    (I certainly don't know, but neither do you)
                 \_ Yes, that is how I read it too. Maybe she means that he
                    has already suffered enough and now just owes restitution
                    to his victim. It is not an unreasonable position to take.
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