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2009/9/29-10/8 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:53410 Activity:nil
9/29    Can someone tell my why half of the Family Guy theme
        is about 1) Jewish 2) Nazi 3) gay people 4) combination
        of the above? The Weinstein episode, Ann Franke,
        Peter as the brother of Adolf, the constant guy-to-guy
        kissing and gay references... the list goes on and
        on and on. WHY??? Does MacFarlan have a fascination
        with Jews?
        \_ Doesn't everyone?
           \_ no, why should they?
2009/9/29-10/8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:53411 Activity:nil
        Democrat vs. Republican donations
        \_ I love how Fox contributes almost entirely to Democrats.
           \_ How does that work? I don't get it.
2009/9/29-10/8 [Finance/Banking, Industry/Jobs, Industry/Startup] UID:53412 Activity:moderate
9/29    So let's say I have some money, about $100k. What are some things
        I could do with it? What do you guys recommend?
        \_ Hookers and blow
        \_ Guns, ammo, MREs, to prepare for the coming apocalypse!
           \_ I am thinking about buying some gold.
              \_ Gold is a bad idea right now.  The inflation hedge is
                 already factored into the price.  There are other assets that
                 are also a good inflation hedge that aren't in a bubble.  Such
                 as real estate.  (The bubble there having just burst.)
        \_ quit your job, move back home, and do your own startup.
           Realize that the sooner you stop working for DA MAN, the
           less likely you'll run into mid-life crisis in your 30s.
           \_ I would like to start my own business, but probably not
              a startup.
              \_ So, like, restaurant would be in your opinion your
                 own business, but not a startup? A startup doesn't
                 necessarily mean a TECH company less than 100 person.
                 \_ Let's say I bought a McDonalds franchise, would that be
                    a startup?
                    \_ uh, no. If you don't know and don't care, it's
                       better than you stick to working for THE MAN.
              \_ What?
        \_ Wait a couple more months, then use it as down payment for a rental
           \_ This is on the short list.
        \_ Keep it in a savings account as a contingency fund and for
           a down payment for the next time you sell and buy a house?
2009/9/29-10/8 [Uncategorized] UID:53413 Activity:nil
9/29    I'm pretty cheesed that I have to go through the whole transcipt request
        rigamarole to have them send a transcript to another office at the
        same school.  What, UC Davis has never heard of a network?
        \_ Maybe they want to avoid privacy lawsuits.
        \_ You should know by now that state agencies don't talk to
           each other. And why do you want to go to Davis?
2009/9/29-10/8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:53414 Activity:nil
9/29    "Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing Abused By Racist Netizens"
        "After Lou Jing's mother was married, she had sex with a black man.
        The black man returned back to the United States, left Lou Jing's
        mother pregnant with her. After Lou Jing was born, mother divorced the
        original husband, alone raising this special girl."
        Cheating with a black guy in China!  That mother doesn't look that
        promiscuous.  I guess you can never tell one's sexual appetite from
        one's face.
        Anyway, whether or not what the mother did was acceptable by Chinese
        standard, it shouldn't be Lou Jing's fault even by Chinese standard.
        \_ The husband and the OB must have been shocked at the moment the baby
           was delivered.
        \_ Lou Jing is beautiful and this just proves how backward China
           still is. It can only benefit the Chinese to increase their
           gene pool.
           \_ exactly. Jou Ling can only improve China's basketball team.
              \_ This thread is a good example of "why the MOTD really
                 shouldn't be anonymous anymore."  -tom
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