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2009/9/26-10/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:53403 Activity:nil
9/25    What's a nslookup equivalent to look up "set type=all"? I don't
        have nslookup anymore.
        \_ I think nslookup is deprecated and you're supposed to be using
           dig and host now.  Do you want the equiv 'host' acommand?
           \_ is it host -av <host>?
2009/9/26-10/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:53404 Activity:kinda low
9/26    Cal vs. Oregon:  Were you surprised? </sarcasm>
        \_ I was not surprised the Oregon scored 42 points. I was surprised
        \_ I was not surprised that Oregon scored 42 points. I was surprised
           that Cal only scored 3.
        \_ Not surprised they lost. Surprised at what a thorough ass-kicking it
           was on both sides of the ball. Cal couldn't even put up a TD.
           Riley is not a good QB and that was apparent last year.
        \_ Does anyone have a good explanation for why Cal sucks so badly on
           the road? I just read in the paper yesterday that Tedford is 0-7
           against USC and UCLA in SoCal.
           \_ Most college teams suck on the road, not just Cal. Cal is probably
              a bit worse than most, but not by much. I have been to all but one
              of those LA road losses, btw and am going to the UCLA game in
              two weeks.
        \_ So who is going to win the Cal vs. USC game, smart guy?
        \_ People who love sports have 10-15 lower IQ than people who don't.
           \_ URL?
              Here's one that shows IQ and alcohol consumption are correlated:
              \_ Richard Feynman loved alcohol (though he stopped drinking as
                 he got older). What does that mean?
                 \_ Did you read the article? The higher the IQ, the more
                    alcohol. Your anecdote supports that.
                    \_ yes but then he stopped drinking altogether
           \_ Tell that to Glenn Seaborg.
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