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2009/9/24-10/8 [Health/Women] UID:53396 Activity:nil
9/24    What is Danish for "baby daddy" and "bimbo"?
        \_ Somehow I don't think the Danish can compete with Holland
        \_ would you do her?
          \_ depends on how drunk I was...
        \_ I miss the Teenage Sex porn series from Color Climax Corp in the
           early 80s.  I watched the English-dubbed version in Betamax.
           Tove Jenson was the best.
              "The girls were mainly aged 7-11, however some were younger."
2009/9/24 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53397 Activity:nil 57%like:53399
9/24    This is tight:
        \_ I wasted a minute on this. Thanks a lot.
2009/9/24-10/8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:53398 Activity:nil
9/24    WALKOUT!
        \_ Education should be free, somebody else should pay for me!
           \_ the only "free" education is self-education. someone has to
               pay for it.
               \_ The person who receives it, of course.
           \_ Education is an investment in the future. The State of California
              spent a lot of money educating me, which I have already repaid
              many times.
        \_ Man, this article is full of all kinds of funnies.
           "I'm [trying to tell] that it's your right to walk out."  It's
           also your right not to go to school, what's your point?
           "Faculty urged the walkout" ahhh, right.
           \_ Faculty did urge the walkout; it started as a letter from
              a UC-wide group of faculty, mostly complaining that the
              regents didn't listen to the academic senates, who wanted
              furloughs to include instructional days.  But I'm not sure
              who they group today is really protesting against.  (It should
              be Arnie and the rest of the Jarvisites).  -tom
              \_ Sorry, by "ahhh, right." I meant "that explains a lot."
2009/9/24-10/8 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53399 Activity:nil 57%like:53397
9/24    This is tight: (Rap about his g/f "Coder Girl")
        \_ I wasted a minute on this. Thanks a lot.
        \_ don't waste your time on this shit
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