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2009/9/23 [Uncategorized] UID:53388 Activity:nil
9/23    "Mackenzie Phillips: I slept with my own father"
2009/9/23-10/5 [Recreation/Sports] UID:53389 Activity:nil
9/23    "Video: World's longest basketball shot"
        The ball seemed to make a turn in mid-air.  Looks fake to me.
        \_ That's called wide-angle distortion (ever seen wide angle
           shooting a straight line but it looks curved)?
           \_ I see.  Thanks.  -- OP
        \_ Looks relatively legit to me.  It's actually not that hard
           a shot, given enough attempts.  -tom
2009/9/23-10/5 [Uncategorized] UID:53390 Activity:nil
9/23    She's pretty good looking:
        \_ Who is this and why do we care?
           \_ some random chick picture from Facebook ads that says
              "find out who's been checking you out!"
2009/9/23-10/5 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53391 Activity:nil
9/23    Anyone from ThirdVoice Third Voice? Read and weep:
        \_ Thirdvoice is a good example of a cool technology idea ruined by
           bad business management.  Looks like google may wind up working
           around most of what was wrong with ThirdVoice.  Time will tell
           how it all comes out... -ERic (was there, still have the T-shirts)
2009/9/23-10/5 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:53392 Activity:nil
9/23    I never took CS188, is there a good book that's an intro to formal
        database theory, normalization, etc.?  I've got experience with SQL
        (MySQL & MSSQL), and understand tables, etc.
        \_ You mean CS186?
           \_ Oops, yah.  188 is AI or something?
              \_ That's right.
              \_ That's right.  -- PP
                 \_ So do you have a book suggestion?
                    \_ No, sorry.  I took the class in Spring '91 with Anvari
                       and I didn't like database.  I sold the textbook right
                       after the final exam, and I couldn't even tell whether
                       the book was good or not.  -- PP
        \_ I'm not sure if CS186 will help you. There's a difference between
           a basic implementation of a primitive DB, and using a production
           DB full of rich features.
2009/9/23-10/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53393 Activity:nil
9/23    "Mackenzie Phillips: I slept with my own father"
        Why would John Phillips fall for someone like Mackenzie, especially
        that she was his daughter?  She's not nearly as hot as his second wife
        Michelle Phillips:
        I guess one (much) lowers his standard when he is desperate.
        \_ you're an idiot.
           \_ No he's not. Michelle Phillips was HOT HOT HOT 30 years ago
              \_ that's not why he's an idiot.
        \_ She reminds me of McKensie Morrison.  Similar first name, both
           sleeping illegitimately with older married guy
2009/9/23-10/8 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53394 Activity:nil
9/23    Stokked about Allison Stokke?
        \_ She will be chubby in five years, like most white girls.
           \_ she looks Italian, and they're not real white in the
              sense of pure Anglo white.
           \_ Better than a dragon lady like most Asian women over 50.
              I think African-American women age best.
              \_ you're all idiots.
2009/9/23-10/5 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:53395 Activity:moderate
9/23    I'm in grad school part time, and the professor I was trying to get
        to advise me just sent me "What you suggest (remote, part-time, topic
        formulation) doesn't fit my advising style..."  Does anyone know
        what "topic formulation" might mean in this context?  I come with
        funding from work, but the topics I can choose are somewhat limited.
        Could be a reference to that...
        \_ whatever it means, "doesn't fit my advising style" nullifies
           the probability of having him/her as your advisor. Most advisors
           hate remote (communication problems), most hate part-time
           (full-timers just have more entropy), and most want to control
           the topic. You should consider finding another advisor who is
           more desperate for students and is willing to get someone
           onboard for free. IMHO, I've seen a lot of remote & part-timers
           and it's just difficult for both parties, and I can understand
           why they don't want a remote & part-timer grad student even
           for free.
           \_ To be honest, I think it's academic snobbery. A coworker of
              mine applied to and got accepted to both USC and UCLA for PhD.
              When UCLA found out he wanted to be part-time while working
              they sent him vibes similar to the above. USC didn't care.
              The guy is brilliant and an excellent student who finished a CS
              master's at the same time as his Aerospace Engineering PhD. UCLA
              turned their nose up at him just because he didn't fit their
              narrow definition of what they thought they wanted to deal
              with.  Screw that. They need to be more aware of who is paying
              the bills, which is another reason why universities need less
              state funding: students are an afterthought.
              \_ What the hell is a part-time PhD? 12 year plan? Most PhDs
                 take 5-6+ years working 40-60 hrs/wk.
                 \_ Part-time PhD means taking a part-time load of coursework
                    and passing the exams. This takes maybe 2-3 years.
                    After that, you work on your research on a part-time
                    basis. The people I know who did a PhD while working
                    ended up working about 30 hours/week and spending about 30
                    hours/week on school. This is no big deal for a good
                    student. There are full-time students who screw around
                    and never make any progress. I remember one who went
                    full-time for 6 years and still wasn't done. That doesn't
                    mean you can't get it done while wasting less time. It
                    helps a lot, too, if some of your day job contributes
                    to your research.
                    \_ Point me to a C.V. of someone who earned a "part time"
                       PhD. 30 hrs/wk? Average PhD is 5-6 years @ 60 hrs/wk,
                       so sounds like a 10-12 year PhD. urlP = #f
                       \_ I know at least 5 people who earned their PhD
                          this way and it didn't take 10 years. Most of
                          them already had an MS before doing the PhD, though.
                          This is one of them:
                          I have no idea where his C.V. is online, but you
                          can see that it took him about 6 years based on
                          this update in 2002:
                          "After graduation, I spent a year at the Lockheed
                          Martin Skunk Works doing structural dynamics
                          and flutter testing on the Joint Strike Fighter. In
                          November 2000, I joined NASA-JPL in the Navigation &
                          Mission Design section. This fall I am still at JPL
                          but am concurrently enrolled part time at Cal Tech as
                          a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering."
                          He earned the PhD in 2008:
                          You sound as narrow-minded as the UCLA profs.
                          Luckily, Caltech is more than happy to educate
                          people who are smart and want to be educated.
                          \_ 6 years for a part-time PhD after 7 years of
                             full-time BS/MS. Seems about right to me.
              \_ That's exactly right. This is the reason why you can do
                 part time MS in Stanford and Cornell and other nice schools
                 but good luck doing part time PhD in schools like Stanford
                 and Cornell. People laugh at the MS program so you can
                 get by a lot like MS, but many professors have a lot of
                 snobbery in that they think you should do full time research.
                 In their mind, if you do part time PhD, you're not really
                 serious about doing meaningful work. Now whether that is
                 true or not, I don't know, but that's just how it is
                 in schools like Stanford and Cornell. P.S. USC should
                 not be compared with Stanford and Cornell. Completely
                 different leagues.
        \_ I think some of the most famous professors are those that already
           have a lot of funding so don't care about having a freebie. They
           want a grad student who is young and can slave away at the ideas
           that the professor started in order to gain even more recognition
           and funding. In academia, there isn't a shortage of hungry,
           driven, young guys who will do whatever their advisors tell them
           to do, so that's why schools like MIT and Caltech are full of
           profs with this type of attitude. In the end, it's like a free
           market. There is a lot of supply of cheap laborers but not enough
           professors so they can afford to be total assholes.
           \_ This guy is actually at the other end of the spectrum.  He has
              no students.  He works pretty much exclusively on his own
              little project that no one else cares about.  But he has tenure,
              so he doesn't have to do anything else. -op
              \_ ah, tenure, that's the problem. Based on my experiences with
                 tenured profs, I'd say the majority of them burned out their
                 candles years ago and don't really give a damn today. Yes
                 there are a few good ones but they're rare. May I ask
                 which prof rejected the proposal and why are you requesting
                 an advisor who likes to work on things that no one else
                 cares about?
                 \_ I don't think I want to identify the professor. The motd
                    does show up google.  He's not a prof at Cal.
                    I wanted to work with him because he has a good reputation
                    as an adviser.  I knew student who was advised by him and
                    I understand that he demands good work, but does not
                    abusively move the goal posts like many profs do.  He
                    is also one of the only profs at the school that works
                    in my research are.
                    in my research area.
                    \_ what area is that?
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