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2009/9/15-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53363 Activity:nil
        CSS vulnerability discovered. You're all screwed!!!
        \_ old news --
2009/9/15-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53364 Activity:nil
9/14    Anyone have tips on writing a good cover letter?
        \_ This is as tough as "anyone have tips on coding well?"
2009/9/15-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53365 Activity:nil
        Give this a try! It's awesome!
2009/9/15-21 [Uncategorized] UID:53366 Activity:nil
9/14    Where is this, Texas? Tenessee?
        \_ fake.
2009/9/15-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53367 Activity:low
9/14    Check out:
        Models posting pictures of themselves, then selling them online.
        Warning, may not be SFW.
        \_ Naked boobies are NSFW in most places.
           \_ boobies are ok, but this site has no pussy so
              it's pretty tame.
           \_ So-so boobies, but nice photography.
        \_ other things you may not have known about Zivity:
           - they are a Ruby shop
           - they've burned through something around $8M
           - they went through some investor drama recently, see also
             Top Fans
           \_ Where are they located?
                \_ if only they listed that on their web page!
2009/9/15-24 [Health/Disease/General] UID:53368 Activity:nil
9/15    Taking shower is REALLY bad for you:
        \_ "Further work will need to look at whether finding these organisms
           is associated with any increased risk of infection."
        \_ Not as bad as taking golden shower.
        \_ Solution: let the shower go for a minute before getting in. I think
           a lot of people do that already.
        \- You may also be interested in "Why swimming (in an indoor pool)
           is bad for you.
2009/9/15-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:53369 Activity:nil
9/15    WORST PRESIDENT EVER: Ronald Reagan. The president
        of GREED.
        \_ You and Michael Moore are in agreement.
2009/9/15-24 [Consumer/Camera, Science/Space] UID:53370 Activity:kinda low
9/15    "The $150 Space Camera: MIT Students Beat NASA On Beer-Money Budget" (
        I just hope that copycats won't pop up everywhere and cause airline
        \_ How did they beat NASA?  This is cool, but comparing it to
           NASA is just stupid.
        \_ Perhaps you'd like to calculate the odds of releasing a
           balloon and having it hit an airliner at 35,000 feet.  -tom
           \_ Bird strikes don't occur at 35,000 feet.
              \_ Yes, and?
                 \_ The balloon needs to travel through all the low altitudes
                    before it can reach a high altitude.
                    \_ Yes, and?
           \_ The odds are probably astronomically small if you don't release
              it in like... LA.  Its the same deal with the f-load of
              satelites in orbit that almost never hit eachother.  I can
              accept 1 plane down for every 100,000 weather balloons or
              something like that.  Probably much less likely than that anyway.
              \_ In VFR condition, you'll see the balloon clearly before crashing
                 into it. In IFR condition which is above 12,000 feet, the
                 tower will see it waaaaay before anyone else does and
                 will usually compensatae for rerouting. I agree that
                 there is a risk, and that by law, any vehicle operating
                 in IFR must carry at least a transponder mode C. Read
                 your FAR 2009.
              \_ Planes crash into each other at takeoff and landing
                 because that's where they are all clumped together.
                 Much rarer are planes crashing into each other midflight
                 but even then it's only because they are restricted to
                 fairly narrow flight lanes.
              \_ A weather balloon would almost certainly not take down
                 a plane, anyway, but 1 in 100K is way too low, even in LA.
                 "His pattern shows...two dimensional thinking."  -tom
                 \_ It's a weather balloon plus a camera and a beer cooler.
2009/9/15-24 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:53371 Activity:nil
9/15    Phillip Garrido's home is worth about $179K, according to
        Zillow. Anyone want to buy properties in Antioch?
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