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2009/9/8-15 [Science/Space, Science/Electric] UID:53341 Activity:nil
9/8     Dear religious freaks on Soda, here's a good CD for your kids:
2009/9/8-15 [Uncategorized] UID:53342 Activity:nil
        I thought Mariah Carey has breast implants, but she doesn't look so in
        these pics.
        \_ Huh? She looks like she has implants in those pics. Why do you
           say she doesn't?
           \_ They are kind of small in the picture above.  -- OP
              \_ They are popping out of her dress and she has cleavage
                 even without a bra! That's not small!
2009/9/8-15 [Uncategorized] UID:53343 Activity:nil
9/8     User web sites seem to be working again.  Thanks to the soda
        volunteers!  -- yuen
2009/9/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53344 Activity:high
9/8     I am looking for a job. Any suggestions where to apply? I'm completing
        an internship at Facebook. Resume available upon request. --toulouse
        \_ Learn to indent. Tab = 4 spaces.
           Zuckerberg is an asshole. Good luck.
       \_ Speak for yourself.
          less displays tabs as 8 characters.
          \_ No dumbass. Tab SHOULD be 8 spaces. Has been since 1970. Thanks
             to Microfuckingsoft, 4 spaces became more popular.
        \_ My suggestion is Twitter, if you want to work hard, learn a lot
           and possibly strike it rich. You can also ask me about jobs at
           CBS Interactive (CNET), I like it here and you might, too.
           Are you programmer or sysadmin? -ausman
           \_ Programmer, but amateur sysadmin on my own time. I'll be applying
              to twitter of course, but I would like to know about CBSi. Thanks.
        \_ Are you good academically? I suspect you're asking here because
           it's not so hot. If so, I suggest you move out of Northern Cal.
           There will be a lot less competition, and a lot greater needs
           for talented University Grad person such as you. Places like
           Los Angeles are full of cal state-certified IT consultants.
           You can be a big star there, plus there are actually women
           there that you can actually date. Small pond, big fish. That's
           where you want to be at yesss?
           \_ No. I'm asking because my family is bankrupt. Jesus. --toulouse
           \_ If you can't find a date in the SF Bay Area then you will
              *really* have a problem in the LA area, where women tend
              more to have a sense of entitlement and inflated sense of
              self-worth. I had a lot more dates in the Bay Area and found
              the women to be more genuine and friendly. Women in LA are
              more attractive, but good luck finding one to date you
              unless you are very rich or very handsome. If you have an
              edge (in a band that books gigs and have lots of tattoos or
              similar) you *might* have a shot at Sunset Strip skanks as
              long as you don't mind they are banging other guys at the
              same time. Part of an actual conversation at an LA bar:
              Her: "What do you do for a living?"
              Me:  "I'm an engineer."
              Her: "Do you think I should be impressed with that?
                    It seems everyone's an engineer."
              \_ There are lots of cute women in LA that are pretty normal
                 and humble, but you won't find them on the Westside.
                 \_ That's for sure, but if you look anywhere else you
                    are probably going to be dating a single mom. I've
                    noticed a lot of beautiful women in LA are still
                    single into their 40s and it's because they are
                    high-maintenance and shallow and men use them and dump
                    them when they reach Four Oh. They complain they can't
                    find any good men, but the number one thing on their
                    mind is money and number two is looks. That's probably
                    true of women everywhere, but in LA it's so overt and
                    women never give up hope of landing their own George
                    Clooney until they reach 50. If you want to date
                    cougars it might be a good place.
                    \_ Stop trying to date beautiful high-maintenance women,
                       just go for the normal ones. Admittedly, they are bit
                       harder to find in LA, but they exist.
                       \_ So I should date hard-to-find women who are less
                          attractive. Doesn't that prove my point about LA
                          versus SF?
                          \_ Perhaps, but you have no idea how tough the
                             dating situation is for single guys in Silicon
                             Valley. It is much worse than anyplace in LA.
                             When did you date in the Bay Area? When you were
                             in college?
                             \_ Move north a bit.  Dating in SF isn't hard.
                                \_ Sure. But it is not hard in The San Fernando
                                   Valley either.
                                   \_ Yes. Valley Girls don't have a reputation
                                      for being snobby princesses. LOL. I've
                                      found a lot of very pretty Latina
                                      girls date beneath them, but sadly
                                      it is because they aren't too bright.
                                      There was one girl I knew who I swear to
                                      God looked like Cindy Crawford. She
                                      worked at a spa and all the women envied
                                      her and the men lusted for her. She got
                                      knocked up by some lowlife Mexican guy
                                      who didn't even marry her. She could
                                      have had any guy she wanted.
                                      \_ Do you actually know anyone from the
                                         San Fernando Valley?
                                         \_ Yes. Encino. Sherman Oaks.
                                            Studio City. Woodland Hills. You?
                             \_ Actually, I do a lot of travel to the Bay
                                Area. I find it easy to approach women there.
                                I guess you are referring to the terrible
                                ratio of men to women in Silicon Valley. That
                                definitely hurts. However, last time I was in
                                San Jose I met two different women at
                                Santana Row of all places and I wasn't even
                                trying to pick anyone up. However, one
                                thing that may have worked for me was that
                                I said I was from LA and that instantly
                                made me more 'exotic'. I also met a really
                                gorgeous out-of-my-league woman at a jazz
                                club in SF the trip before who I went out
                                with every night of my trip and who would've
                                told me to buzz off in LA. Trip before
                                that I met this flapper girl at a Halloween
                                party in Monterey. There are some women in
                                LA who don't have their heads up their asses.
                                However, in general, I think women almost
                                anywhere else are more approachable than those
                                in LA. Only NYC rivals LA in terms of the
                                number of stuck-up and unfriendly women, in my
                                experience. I found the Pacific Northwest
                                to have a lot of really pretty girls who
                                are friendly and want to talk to you even
                                if you aren't a gazillionaire male model.
                                \_ I said I was looking for jobs, not blowjobs.
                                   \_ A blowjob might improive your confidence.
                                   \_ A blowjob might improve your confidence.
                                      Certainly jobs and blowjobs are
                                      intimately connected.
2009/9/8-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:53345 Activity:low
9/8     Apparently Prof. Sequin has decided that the CSUA will move to
        311 Soda.  Dwight (president) talked to him a few hours ago
        and he was not amenable to us keeping our office and lounge.
        \_ i do not know how things work anymore.  Sequin controls the
           building ?  the old XCF office isnt so bad.
        \_ What does this mean to the operation of
           \_ Nothing.
        \_ Who is moving into the current CSUA space?
           \_ It'll become an administrative office for two people. The new room
              will become a fire hazard.
              \_ Waah waah.  Dude they need space.  Why is that so hard to
                 \_ Because according to another professor, due to groups
                    moving to CITRIS (Dai Hall), and fairly major department
                    staff layoffs, there is /not/ a space crunch.
        \_ Doesn't CSUA have a faculty sponsor. Harvey to the rescue!
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