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2009/9/7-15 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53339 Activity:nil
9/6     I find the following ad pretty offensive. What's the best way to
        find out who this is? Garden Grove is full of Vietnamese.
        Like new, has 212 actuations. Includes everything that originally came with the camera.
        Camera was purchased on 4/12/09 will include receipt and blank warranty card.
        ^^^ wtf is this???
        \_ Why not just send an email offering to buy it?
2009/9/7-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53340 Activity:moderate
9/6 A professor is trying to take 337 Soda from us. He sent us an
    email at 6 on Friday before the 3-day weekend. Apparently it's
    almost final and we _JUST_ got notified. >:(
    \_ I can donate $100. Will that help?
       \_ It will help the CSUA, but it will not help the room situation.
          \_ What if I donate $100 to the professor?
             \_ Gee, how ethical. That's sure to convince him of our integrity!
                \_ Integrity can be bought.     -Republican Party
                \_ Money sometimes oils the wheels of justice.
    \_ Who is it? Let's email him/her/it.
          \_ Professor Sequin
       \_ That would be a bad idea. He doesn't like the CSUA and he has the
          power to do it, so I don't think alumni could help by talking nicely.
          \_ We could email the alumni association and tell them that the
             main reason we give to the school is because of the CSUA. Are
             you going to get another office? -ausman
             \_ Yes. It will be 80% the size of our old office, and < 50%
                of our current office. Calculations say that it will be a fire
                hazard given our level of membership. It's keypadded so it may
                mean we can't have an open door. It has a toilet that the
                janitorial staff does not clean, and no door to Soda proper.
                It's the former help desk 'not a help desk' room. 337 will
                become an administrative office for two people.
                \_ That's the old XCF office. What happened to 343?
                   \_ It'll still be ours, but the question of whether it
                      can be reverted to the CSUA office is in the air. In
                      the case we can't, we'll probably still have to supervise
                      it, from across the building. Fucking astounding.
                          \_ The old XCF office is probably a lot more
                             reasonable for what the CSUA does these days.
                             \_ I disagree. What do you think the CSUA does
                                these days?
                                \_ Play video games?
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