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2009/9/3-12 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53327 Activity:nil
9/3     Given that rape porn of innocent-looking girls are so popular in
        Japan, why are there so few rape crimes there?  Unlike here, it's
        common for real-world women there to walk around at night alone
        without fear.
        \_ too much work.
        \_ Isn't fiction an outlet for the people who don't want to/are afraid
           to act our their desires?  I am not suprised that there isn't a
           high correlation between rape porn and rape crime (or perhaps even
           an inverse correlation exists if your assumption is right).  I
           think its demonstrates more how broken their societal expectations
           are (and why they are having a popultion shrinking crisis). -mrauser
        \_ This is the same Japan that has to have women's only subway trains
           so women can be safe from getting groped?
        \_ the rapes aren't reported.  and the women don't wander around
           at night as much as US women.
        \_ Because there are fewer immigrants           -jblack
2009/9/3-12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:53328 Activity:nil
9/3     Bad news for global warming problem:
        'BP Makes "Giant" Oil Find in Gulf of Mexico' (
        \_ The US produces over 8 million barrels a day now.  This find
           "could contain over 1 billion barrels," and "it could be the
           second half of the next decade before the find is producing."
           Peak oil isn't about running out of oil--it's about taking too
           long to bring new production online to be able to meet the
           demand curve.  -tom
           \_ I see.  Then maybe it's not that bad of a news for global warming
              problem.  -- OP
              \_ The really bad thing for global warming is when conventional
                 oil fields decline enough to make heavy crude and oil sand
                 production economically feasible.  That won't save us from
                 peak oil, but it will dump a whole bunch of extra greenhouse
                 gas into the atmosphere.  -tom
                 \_ Coal. We have lots of it and it is cheap. That is what
                    we should be worried about.
                    \_ Yes, coal-to-gas has similar (worse) issues.  -tom
        \_ just stop the gulf stream, instant ice age.
2009/9/3-12 [Reference/Celebration] UID:53329 Activity:nil
9/4     not to early to state this but am looking for christmas related
        movies to queue up/start buying/burning to take to the family
        so that we don't get stuck with watching It's a wonderful life
        over and over again.  Any suggestions?  I've already got:
        Brazil, Nightmare B4 xmas, Sherlock Holmes's Adv. of the Blue
        \_ Terry Pratchett's The Hogfather
        \_ maybe move this to /var/tmp/xmaslist_suggestions.txt? I'm sure
           as we all age, you're not the only one in the same boat here
           the inlaws aren't very... mediadventurous.
        \_ The first two Die Hard movies are christmas movies
        \_ A Christmas Story (1983)
        \_ Bad Santa
2009/9/3-12 [Uncategorized] UID:53330 Activity:nil
9/3     Garrido made suggestions for kidnapping-prevention fact sheet
        Wow, they got themselves a real expert for that.
        \_ Antioch is a dump. Suburbs are dumpy.
           \_ SF is dumpy as fuck, guess you don't live there.
              \_ Pac Heights is dumpy? LOL
           \_ lol, Aliso Viejo is dumpy, yah right, and Irvine is dumpy too.
              Gotta love that Koolaid.  Were you  kidnapped at 11?
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