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2009/9/1-9 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:53314 Activity:nil
        The unborn IS a human being.
        \_ This guy is an idiot.  Are you mocking him, or are you an idiot,
        \_ every unborn has the potential of being born and carrying a gun
           for The State.
2009/9/1-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:53315 Activity:low
9/1     Anyone have any recommendations for locations to hike in Nor Cal?
        I am looking for somewhere I can hike around in the day and camp
        by my car for 1 night.  Also, a friend from work recommended somewhere
        that is a 4 hour drive away, I was wondering if people knew of any
        places a bit closer to go to?  I'd prefer somewhere that wasn't too
        super crowded and doesn't require reservations since I'd like to go
        this weekend.  Thanks motd! -mrauser
        \_ Are you going hiking by yourself? This isn't really the greatest
           idea, but you probably know that. I went to Henry Coe a few weeks
           ago and it was fun. It is a very primitive site, so it is mostly
           ago and it was fun. It is a very primitive park, so it is mostly
           unused and therefore you can just show up and get a site. The car
           camping sites will probably be all taken, but there are sites that
           are less than two miles from HQ that would surely be available.
           These are all dry sites, but at 2 miles, you can hike back to HQ
           to restock water. Oh, you can check and see if any car camping
           spots are still available and reserve one here:
           \_ I have someone to go with, I agree solo hiking is slightly
              risky.  It turns out, according to their booking service, that
              they are attempting to close/shut down henry coe state park.
              At least, they didn't have any reservations for this weekend.
              So... slight change of plans, we are driving down highway 1
              and staying near Monterey.  We were gunna make sure to drive
              around Big Sur coast, maybe stop by Hearst Castle, grab a meal
              or two around Monterey... any other advice for things to do? -op
              \- you can go hiking in Ventana I suppose. I'm not a huge fan
                 but it is ok (I prefer the Sierras to costal). I think solo
                 hiking on regular trails is safe if you have some experience.
                 You can also do creek hikes in Ventana, but that would be
                 best to go with a group. There is a pretty good bakery/
                 prepared food place on the way to Monterey ... I think THE
                 BAKERY of GAYLE in CAPITOLA which is worth a quick detour
                 off the Fwy. Can you check if the HACIENDA at FT HUNTER-
                 LIGGETT is open. ok tnx.
              \_ Definitely visit Point Lobos; relatively mellow hiking, but
                 great trees, tide pools, black stone beaches, and sea
                 otters.  Watch out for poison oak.  -tom
              \_ Bummer, sorry about that. I knew it was on the short list
                 to be shut down, I had no idea it would be this weekend. -a
        \_ I pace my bedroom and or the walls of my cube.  That is the way
           of the silivalleynerd.
2009/9/1-9 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53316 Activity:nil
9/1     Canon comes out with an EOS 7D with 18 whopping megapixels! Read
        and weep Nikoners!
        \_ Huh?  That's stupid.  It has 1.6x APS-C sensor.  If it had full
           36x24mm sensor AND 18MP, sure.  Even then, I'd prefer 12MP.
           Note I'm not a Nikoner, although these days, I wish I were.
           I have 350D, 40D, and 5D (original).  I gave away the 350D,
           \_ 12MP on a full frame is SWEET. How much ISO can you crank
              up at night time comfortably?
2009/9/1-9 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53317 Activity:nil
9/1     How do I get Alpine to stop flashing in OS X terminal?
        \_ Time the interval it flashes at and blink out of phase.
           \_ I did this and now I fail to acknowledge turn signals while
              driving.  Should I stop?
2009/9/1-9 [Uncategorized] UID:53318 Activity:low
9/1     The girls in Sorority Row are HOT HOT HOT. What do you guys think?
        \_ Sure they are hot, are you banging one of them?
        \_ ASU 4tw!!
        \_ At Cal? Yuck. At ASU? Hell yeah.
        \_ I don't notice an appreciable difference in hotness on SR vs non-.
        \_ I was driving on southside the other day, and at 4 pm (this must
           have been some kind of wierd rush event) there were like 250 girls
           in sun dresses and heels walking in between all the sororieties.
           There were like 4-5 guys and 250 girls in the 2-3 blocks I was
           driving.  Those are some good odds. ;) They were gone when I
           returned a few minutes later (with my net). -mrauser
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