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2009/8/28-9/9 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53307 Activity:low
        On a scale of 1-10 (10=best), how good is this flickr
        stream? How interesting is it. Be honest please. Please
        post your comments directly on flickr if possible.
        \_ while we're at it, can someone critique this one please?
           This is not mine. I'm just baffled as to why he has so
           many followers, for taking pictures that look the same...
           200mm f/2 with bokeh, at night. After a while it gets
           really boring and I just want to know WHY he has so
           many followers. What do *you* like about his set and
           why would you follow him 365?
           \_ 365 people all follow each other.  And contacts on flickr
              are mostly about how much you schmooze; some people will always
              set you as a contact if you set them as a contact.  -tom
        \_ sorry it doesn't do it for me. Awesome camera,
           lousy photographer. People with 300D and kit lens
           take more interesting pictures.
           \_ he just bought a Panasonic GF-1, which means... he'll be
              taking more crappy pictures.
        \_ He's one of my contacts; met him at the OCVB awards.  I think he
           does some interesting stuff, particularly in low light.  Most of
           it is only OK.  (And the vast majority of his stream is shot with
           a 450D; you might want to look at more than the first three
           pictures, which are just him trying out his new camera).  If
           he's a soda person, that's news to me.  -tom
           \_ what is your flickr id? I'd like to follow
              \_ -tom
                    This is amazing.
                    \_ Thanks.  Funny, it started out as a mistake (blown out
                       highlights), but I cranked up the brightness and
                       contrast to emphasize the texture and pattern.  -tom
           \_ what did he win the award for, photographs? Shit, maybe
              I should start uploading my pictures as well.
              \_ The Oakland Convention and Visitors Bureau has a yearly
                 photo contest for pictures of Oakland.  He got a merit
                 award for a shot of the Grand Lake Theater:
                 (which is a pretty good shot, I think).  -tom
                 \_ if his other 99% of the shots are like this one,
                    he would be more interesting to follow.
                    \_ Why do you care?  -tom
                       \_ I was getting frustrated that bozos with subpar looking
                          pictures are getting lots of comments. FOR WHAT? Just look
                          at his sets. They're mostly just patterns, circles,
                          bits and pieces of buildings. There is hardly any
                          living things, any movement, and little emotion. Nothing.
                          But as you said before commenting is more of a social
                          thing than anything else. Even your photos have more
                          dynamics than his.
                          \_ The amount of comments you get is mostly related
                             to how many groups you participate in, how
                             many friends you have on flickr, and how much
                             schmoozing you do.  Oh, and whether you're a
                             female who takes self-portraits.  -tom
                             \_ Case in point, Rebecca:
                                Oh she's quite something ain't she? ***droooool***
                                \_ Rebekka is actually a good photographer.
                                   There are plenty of crap photographers
                                   who get lots of attention because of
                                   self-portraiture.  -tom
                             \_ She's cuter IMHO:
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