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2009/7/27-8/6 [Recreation/Food] UID:53201 Activity:nil
7/27  does not drinking milk help with immune system?
        \_ Really?  I've only heard that milk is good for the body.
        \_ there are a bunch of people now who say that milk and glutten
           are like these massive strains on the body. prof Shewchuk has
           a long diatribe about it on his site somewhere.
           \_ is that like how eggs used to be bad then weren't again?
        \_ Many people do not have the enzymes to digest milk sugar, especially
           after puberty. Asians in particular have this problem. If you drink
           milk and cannot digest it, it will cause gas, bloating and
           cramps. I don't really buy the "immune system" stuff but this is
           a complicated enough system, that it is possible.
2009/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:53202 Activity:low
7/27    Last night I tried to update Firefox on a machine that I
        have used in a long while.  I had to do "Check for Updates" four times
        to update it all the way to the latest version.  It updated in this
   -> -> 3.0.10 -> 3.0.12 -> 3.5.1
        \_ Part of it is update mechanisms change... another part is probably
           that was probably a minor update that downloaded a couple
           of dlls and an exe... 2->3->3.5.1 is a full sized update.
2009/7/27-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:53203 Activity:low
7/27    I just heard on the radio that prisoners in California have better
        medical coverage than MediCal provides.  How fair.
        \_ There's an reasonalbe argument that as wards of the state, the
           state owes prisoners decent care, just like the state owes them
           food and shelter.
           \_ The state owes them a minimal level of care, not care better
              than the status quo.
              \_ There's a reasonable argument that the state owes everyone
                 a minimal level of care.
                 \_ Only in Soviet Russia.
                    \_ who gave sara palin a csua account?
                 \_ I know you are mimicking the above poster, but "owe" is
                    the wrong word here.
        \_ By feeding and providing medical care to prisons, The State is
           subsidizing crime.
           \_ By providing better medical care to prisoners than it provides to
              law-abiding Californians, the State is encouraging crime.
2009/7/27-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:53204 Activity:nil
7/27    A very good reading from our own Piaw:
2009/7/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:53205 Activity:nil
7/27    Is the bailout / tarp not working an example of the failure of
        trickle down?
        \_ Did the bailout fail?
        \_ It worked great: I think GS is paying record bonuses this year.
2009/7/27-29 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:53206 Activity:low
7/24    So I bought into the hype after being in San Diego during Comicon
        last year (but not attending) and decided to go this year. I can't
        say I really enjoyed myself. It was $40 for a 1 day ticket and
        \_ so don't go next year.  I liked Comic Con the times I went; it's
           a blast.  No one is begging you to go to a convention!
           \_ I doubt I will. I bet when you went it was much less crowded.
              I heard it is worse and worse each year.
              \_ supposedly so is Burning Man.  But that is a lie.
                 \_ like you've ever gone.
                 \_ hey nerds.  I've been to Burning Man 3 years, had a camp,
                    went to Comic Con and partied with artists, drank with
                    celebrities.  I hung out with Avi Arad.
                    I'm not sure where you're all getting these
                    weird ideas about who goes to each thing, but your
                    narrow world view and judgemental nature is definitely
                    doing you a disservice and outing you as a jerk.  Maybe
                    I've just been trolled, I dunno.  But your nay-saying
                    makes you a poisonous person and ultimately only
                    cheats yourself.   --brain
                    \_ And I bet you stopped going to burning man because it
                       got too big and is not fun like it used to be, right?
              \_ Comic Con is for... people who like comics.  All the rest
                 of you yahoos can be my guest and stay away.  Yes that
                 includes the hot girls, unfortunately.  I want my comics.
                 \_ I have Asperger's Syndrome and I enjoy colouring, playing
                    Playstation games and watching Rugrats, and I'm 21 years old\
. Don't be ashamed about who you are or what you like.
                    \_ You both should get that Asperger's looked into then.
                       Get some professional help.
        what that entitled me to was to stand in line for hours (literally) if
        I wanted to see any of the cool stuff/people like Tim Burton, the
        ability to buy overpriced clutter, er, collectibles, and the
        ability to buy autographs from has-beens like Richard Hatch. I
        would have far preferred to spend $$$ to get into the interesting
        programs without standing in line. The freaks wearing costumes
        were interesting, but overall I wouldn't go back. Example of why
        Comicon sucks: You could win a drawing to be one of 10 lucky
        people who could get your photo taken and get an autograph with
        Stan Lee. Not a year ago I was able to do both things for free at
        a Barnes and Noble without standing in lines, paying $40 entry,
        and entering a raffle. I felt like cattle at Comicon. I saw Buzz
        fucking Aldrin yesterday for $20 and Comicon wants $40 for me to
        be able to enter the show to buy stuff?
        \_ I can't believe anyone on soda would actually want to go to stupid
           comic conventions. I mean, how old are you?
           \_ waaaah I wanna be peter pan and live out my infantile fantasies
           \_ insecure much?
              \_ quite secure in my belief that comic books are for my kids
                 not for me, thank you.
        \_ Grow up.
           \_ I did, which is why I didn't enjoy myself.
              \_ wow you are so mature for not having a good time.
                 \_ Just beyond the age where I want to wait in line for
                    4 hours for anything. It would have been great had I
                    been able to see what I wanted to see without that hassle.
        \_ In the roadmap of life, 'Adolescent Phase' is back the other way.
        \_ You're immature!  No, You're immature!  No, YOU'RE immature!
           When did 12 year old girls get motd access?
           \_ since we let pussified infantile nerd types access to it
2009/7/27-8/6 [Uncategorized] UID:53207 Activity:nil
7/27    Is there a way to get the content of my old crontab back?  I had some
        commands in my old crontab, and I forgot the arguments.  Thanks.
        --- yuen
        \_ email root. Do not be surprised if there are no backups.
           \_ This is someone who doesn't know the current csua admin backup
              policy.  Let us just say that the Department of Redundancy
              Department has nothing on us. -mrauser
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