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2009/7/16-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53144 Activity:moderate
7/15    Anyone else think Twitter is incredibly stupid and that people over
        age 40 who use it, Facebook, and who text message incessantly (versus
        a, I dunno, phone call - hate calling someone and getting a text
        back) are trying to recapture lost youth and seem hip in some way?
        My sister-in-law does all of the above, even going so far as to
        text her kid while she is away. I asked if she has called. She
        hasn't, but "R U OK?" is considered checking in with your kid? I
        would be offended if my mom did that. These things have their
        place, but should not supplant traditional interaction in person
        or, if need be, telephone. 1000 Facebook friends and yet no one
        will fly out to visit. What kind of friends are those? People are
        losing sight of what makes a relationship. Twittering that you
        just got your favorite candy is, absent other contact, ridiculous.
        \_ most people I know who use Facebook don't consider a "Facebook
           friend" the same as a real "friend."  So maybe the problem is your
           expectation.  Also nothing reeks of getting old like the fear of
           getting old...
           \_ If a "Facebook friend" isn't a "real friend" then what's the
              point? You are wasting time with your Facebook friends you
              could be spending with real people. However, in my experience
              I see a lot of people stay in contact with "real friends"
              via Facebook. However, it's not meaningful contact.
              \_ settle down there tiger.  I have tons of real friends.  I just
                 have more "friends" on Facebook.  And people who do a lot of
                 Facebooking (that I know anyway) definitely do something
                 similar.  It's just a communication medium, it doesn't have
                 to "mean" one and only one thing for all people.
              \_ Orkut gets around this problem by allowing you to categorize
                 your friend as acquaintance, friend you never met, close friend,
                 etc etc. Useful for sorting and such.
                 \_ I don't speak portuguese.
                    \_ por que não, estúpido?
                    \_ porja!
        \_ Twitter is the working implementation of newspeak.
           The minitruth released that they upped our char limit to 140!
           Yay oceania!
        \_ Twatter and facebook are just ways to prolong unhealthy
           relationships. Healthy social adults get by without them/use
           them only minimally.
           \_ The kids are all right.
              \_ The kids ain't allright.
        \_ If you take out the 'unhealthy' part, you've got it right IMO.
           \_ addict.
        \_ My job is in Internet media, so I need to stay on top of this stuff.
           Having said that, I think facebook is marginally useful and mostly
           a time waster, and twitter is entirely useless.
           \_ twitter is stupid and I don't understand why anyone over
              18 years old would actually find it useful. Either that or the
              over 18 year old person is most likely immature and/or trying
              to fit in with the crowd or just like to waste time. Having that
              said, FriendFeed is much more powerful than Twitter and is
              somewhat functional.
2009/7/16-24 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53145 Activity:high
7/15    Quasi Science Question:
        Anyone have a theory on why there seem to be a high concentration
        of super hot chicks in the middle of nowhere, america?
        \_ there isn't actually.  Your premise is flawed.  I've seen tons
           of fat, poorly-aging people in the midwest.  Take a trip to Orlando
           where all the tourists go if you want to see a sampling of "real
           America" and what its people look like.
           \_ think OP means "young"
           \_ I wouldn't call Orlando "middle of nowhere, america." They have
              their own professional sports franchise.
              \_ the tourists in Orlando are not from Orlando!  That's how
                 "tourists" work you see.  They are on vacation.  From
                 somewhere else.  And the ones from the middle of nowhere
                 go somewhere shitty and commercial, like Orlando, or Vegas.
           \_ If you want to be scared, go to Sizzler in Milwaukee.  -tom
        \_ why don't you just leave CA if you hate it here so much.  Leave,
           \_ you've never been to yreka or places like that huh.
        \_ Because many guys rushed to the Silicon valley to jump into the
           high-tech bubble?
        \_ Women in the middle of nowhere have to rely on their looks more
           because they are not career-oriented, so their "survival"
           depends a lot more on finding a guy who will marry them.
           \_ Don't know if this is true, but it's a pretty good theory. -- !OP
           \_ this happens in Cities too, look at all the marketing chicks
              swarm to gyms.  Attractiveness sells.
           \_ Don't know if this is true, but it's a very good theory. -- !OP
              \_ this is the best theory i've heard so far. thanks! -OP
              \_ seconded on the theory. Also they tend to produce more
                 babies, or higher quality babies.
                 \_ What makes them higher quality?
                    \_ They grow up to be super hot chicks too?
                    \_ they produce really attractive beings for
                       further reproduction. they're also more pure, genetically
                       and healthier because they don't have as much pollutants
                       as the people in San Francisco. They're also taller,
                       whiter, blonder, and more attractive in general.
                       \_ You should just advocate Eugenics.
                          \_ I would except it hasn't been in vogue since 1944
                          \_ This is what I mean by superior genes:
                       \_ And bustier?
                       \_ Those assets are not genetic.
                       \_ Bet this photo was taken on the coasts. Those
                          girls are not from Texas either.
                          \_ I would bet that the photo was taken in
                             Scandinavia as the file is named
                             \_ gizmondo is in Sweden?
        \_ Is this a coded way to talk about race?
           \_ No, I think this is a coded way to talk about red states vs.
              blue states. Or more specifically, rural vs. urban.
              blue states. Or more precisely, rural vs. urban.
              \_ counties, not states.  Drive around CA !Frisco !LA.
                 \_ You're taking the terms too literally. And I also wrote
                    "more precisely..."
                    \_ Do you seriously think that women are hotter in
                       Bakersfield than LA? Have you lost your mind???
                       \_ actually, on the average, yes.  Or look at the
                          the ones in nowhere, AZ, or nowhere TX.  Not
                          talking about individual cases here, but the
                          aggregate average over pop.
                          \_ Rich people, in general, are better looking than
                             poor people. It is left as an excercise for the
                             reader to figure out why. Places with lots of
                             poor people, like Bakersfield, are not full of
                             of good looking people.
                             \_ You will find more attractive women in poor
                                Louisiana or Texas than in rich San Jose.
                                \_ There are a lot of attractive men in Little
                                   India, Sunnyvale. What you say to that?
                                   \_ I am guessing those men moved there
                                      from somewhere else.
        \_ Women in those places, like Texas, tend to care more about how
           they look and dress. Along the East coast and mid-Atlantic
           you have overachieving women who act like men and wear no makeup.
           On the West coast women are more casual in their dress and
           appearance. Only in-between do women dress and act like men
           expect women to (in a stereotypical way). Women in the South and
           Texas won't even leave the house without doing their hair.
      \_ At least if you live somewhere that gets really hot and humid
         in the summer, the sun dresses come out.  In the bay area,
         everyone wears the same thing every day all year
           \_ Yeah, I lived in The South for three years. The women there
              all dress like high class hookers.
              \_ You say this like it's a bad thing.
2009/7/16-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:53146 Activity:nil
7/15    Any comment on Firefox 3.5?  Better or worse than 3.0?  Thx.
        \_ currently has an unpatched remote code execution vulnerability,
           don't upgrade yet.  -tom
           \_ Ooh, glad that I asked.  Thanks!
              \_ 3.5.1 just released fixes it, supposedly.  Might be worth
                 waiting a few days to see how it shakes out.  -tom
        \_ FYI it runs on win2k FWIW.
2009/7/16-24 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/Startup] UID:53147 Activity:nil
7/16    Twitter plans on 1B users by 2014:
        \_ Not going to make it. Facebook will, though.
2009/7/16-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53148 Activity:nil
7/16    "See how to peel a banana like a monkey"
        This guy is physically changelleged.
2009/7/16-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53149 Activity:nil
         Ugg, I've been hacked.  Should I report it somewhere?
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