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2009/7/15-24 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53140 Activity:low
7/14    Every once in a while, the woman becomes a TOTAL BITCH and starts
        to bitch and whine about every little thing about you and is trying
        to pick a fight. What the hell do you guys do when the bitch becomes
        a total bitch?
        \_ logic and defense will only take you so far.  Just realise that
           not everything is about you and be okay with it.  Maybe it's
           brain chemicals.  Maybe she didn't eat well today.  Maybe it's
           that time of the month.  Maybe people were mean to her today.
           Maybe the potholder she's looking at reminds her of when her
           cat died when she was eight.  It has nothing to do with you.
           I also like the technique of apologizing for things which
           logically couldn't possibly be your fault.  Use sparingly or
           you will be accused of being patronizing.  These techniques
           will work on anyone, not just your lady.
        \_ I usually talk it out.  I tend to defend myself and my position and
           when she is right, I take it to heart and try and change my habits
           so that it won't be an issue in the beginning.  If she is just being
           unreasonable I tell her and then grovel until it blows over.  I don't
           have the best success with women though :) In the best relationships
           I've had I just had to lick the clit.  But all women aren't like men,
           some want you to prove yourself.
           \_ You "had to" lick the clit?  In my relationship I have to behave
              really well before I *get to* lick my wife's clit.
              \_ That is why I said best relationships!
           \_ you can't REASON with the bitch. That's the whole point of
              the post "there's not much I can do, what do YOU do?"
        \_ I take off and go for a long walk. I only have to do this a few
           times a year, but it is better than a pointless argument. Not sure
           this is the best answer, but it is better than what I learned from
           my (divorced) parents, which is to have screaming fights that
           eventually turned physical.
2009/7/15-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53141 Activity:nil
7/15    I just found out about Godfrey Ho. I think I need to see one of his
        movies.  Does anyone have a recommendation?  Preferably one without a
        rape scene.  (Apparently quite a few of them have totally extraneous
        rape scenes.)
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2009/7/15-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53143 Activity:nil
7/15    Has anyone met Enza Sebastiani?  She looks like a busty enviromentalist
        on Ch26 news a couple days ago.
        \_ No, but I had a nice chat with Natali Del Conte in the elevator
           this morning.
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