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2009/7/14-27 [Computer/Theory, Academia, Academia/GradSchool] UID:53139 Activity:nil
7/22    (redux)
        To those in academia, how do you organize the journal articles
        you keep (hard copies, that is)? By date? Author? Subject?
        Something else? Thanks.
        \_ I am not in academia, but author makes most sense. If you want, you
           can group by subject (Sun Spots, Solar Wind, Solar Flares) and then
           by author within that. Depends on how broad the topics span and
           how many papers you have. For the well-known papers within a
           field people are going to know them as "Moore, 1972" which is why I
           suggest authors rather than topics.
        \_ I assign each subject a prime number, e.g. Sun = 3, Flare = 7, then
           I file Solar Flares in the 21st spot in my library.  It is left to
           the reader to see why this works
           \_ High school math about uniqueness of prime factorization.  (But
              then how many slots are there in your library?)
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