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2009/7/13-24 [Computer/Companies/Google, Recreation/Dating] UID:53137 Activity:nil
7/15   I used Google to find out the city the girl I first had sex with lives
       in.  Should I move there?
       \_ Stalker alert.
        \_ what's a city girl? are they a different breed than a suburban girl?
           \_ City girls are wilder in bed than suburban girls.
       \_ Yes, please.  Do it for MOTD!
2009/7/13-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53138 Activity:nil
7/15   Anyone have recommendations on how to get git to send my group an
       email whenever someone checks in code?  Am trying to use git-send-email
       just wondering if anyone has any best-practices-tips on it.
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